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Leadership In The Workplace Essay

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Communication and Leadership in the Workplace
Effective leadership has many different communication strategies but there are also several barriers to effective communication that an effective leader should overcome. I have had the opportunity to witness leadership and effective communication at my job that have impacted me in both a positive and negative way. Effective leadership is a vital part of an organizations lifeline and leaders should constantly find new ways to overcome any barriers that the may face in their day to day interactions with employees.
Effective Leadership
There are several communication strategies that are associated with effective leadership. A leader needs to be ...view middle of the document...

For leaders who feel they may struggle in communication with their employees there are some steps they should take to improve their skills. Even though someone may be at the top of their organization it does not mean they are above having a mentor for themselves. Everyone can continue to improve themselves and gain insight from others. A mentoring partnership can be an enriching experience. You can develop your leadership and communication skills as well as contribute toward your own career advancement (Smith, n.d.).
Barriers to Effective Communication
All leaders can still face barriers when trying to communicate with people in their organization. Incompatible viewpoints, interference, or a faulty presentation can all contribute to barriers that leaders may face and have to overcome. Incompatible viewpoints can occur when people have different ideas about how a situation or problem should be approached. This can be caused by being raised with different religious and political views. Different viewpoints should be met with open arms. Being able to see all angles of a situation can help an effective leader make the right choice for their team. When dealing with religion and political views in the office it may be best to try and leave them out altogether. “You want to put some brakes on your conversation," says Anna Post, author and great-great-granddaughter of etiquette expert Emily Post. "People assume that others think what they think, that everyone wants to hear their opinion. But politics can really divide" (Mantell, 2012). I really do not see a benefit to bringing up political and religious viewpoints in an office setting. It is likely only to cause problems and issues that can easily be avoided by not allowing the topic to take place.
Interference can not always be avoided but there are some counter measures to take to try and minimize them. Noise can be both external and internal. External noise often relates to your physical environment, such as a noisy room, as well as your physiological state. Internal noise includes psychological and semantic noise, and is how you prevent yourself from effectively delivering your message ( Boundless, n.d.). When choosing a venue for a meeting be aware of your surroundings. That email you received about the construction crew repairing the roof from 1-3pm could be a good indicator to not schedule a meeting during that time. Problems with technology can also arise at the last minute so it is typically a good idea not to rely on just one form of technology to aid you in your presentation.
Effectively handling generational gaps can best come from practice and educating oneself on their audience. Towards the younger generations, values tend to be less conservative than the older generations. Consequently, communication without fallout can become difficult (Andal, 2013). Knowing your audience will help you to prepare a better plan for your message and trying to keep the message from offending others can...

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