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Leadership In Sport P 1 Essay

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Course Tutor: Jon Davy | Year: 2012/2013 |
Unit: 13 Leadership in Sport | Tutor: Jon Davy |
Assignment Title: Effective Sports Leaders |
Handout date: W/C 24/9/2012 | Submission date: W/C 8/10/2012 |

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Task 1a

You need to describe and explain four qualities, four characteristics and four roles of an effective sports leader (P1 & M1):

Complete the tables below ensuring you use examples of famous sports leaders.

Select a quality (#1): Knowledge of sports skill |
Describe the meaning of this quality? (P1)Having an extensive knowledge and understanding of your chosen sport, often a coach has to have a better knowledge of skill then the players he is coaching so players will be able to learn from the coach, also it is being able to understand all the skills needed for the chosen sport so players have a better chance of increasing their skill level and ultimately winning. | Explain how a sports leader would meet this quality and why it is important for successful leaders to possess it? (M1)A sports leader would meet this quality by attending coaching courses which would provide the leader with training drills and an understanding of tactics which would help to get the best out of players, a coaching course is an ideal way to gain a knowledge of sports skill because often the course mentors will be very experienced and their skills will be passed down to you so you can then pass down the knowledge of skills you have learnt down to your players. A sports leader would also gain a knowledge of sports skill if they have played at a high level during their career because they would have been coached by the best coaches so the coaches knowledge would of been passed down to that player, also if a leader has played at a high level they would know what sort of mental and physical skill is required to improve and win. A sports leader would meet this skill if he is respected, respect is a must because if a sports leader is not respected then the players will not be likely to take on the leaders information that he is passing down so they are then unlikely to improve as players. |
Example (P1 & M1): An example of a sports leader fulfilling this quality is Roy Hodgson, the football manager of England. Roy Hodgson has fulfilled this quality because recently England's team have been full of youngsters and they have managed to beat big teams such as Italy. Roy Hodgson is known to always be on the training ground as much as he can and he is always seen verbally communicating with all of his players passing down his knowledge of skill from past experience of being one of the worlds beast coaches. One of the best examples of Roy Hodgson fulfilling this quality was the influence he had on football over in Sweden. Roy passed down his knowledge of sports skill to not only one team in Sweden but the whole of Swedish football, he introduced a whole new format of defending called 'zonal marking' a format which was unknown to all Swedish players and soon after nearly all...

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