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Leadership In Africa Essay

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Africa’s major problem is not poverty, HIV/AIDS, illiteracy, underdevelopment or any other imaginable problem. Africa’s major problem is lack of good and effective leadership. Effective leadership is a pivotal element in the success of any group. Without this skill every attempt of development is at risk of dilapidating, staying dwarfed or not taking off at all. It is indubitable that the need for effective leadership in Africa is skyrocketing. It is bad leadership that has led to most of the problems that Africa is facing. Why do Africans languish in poverty yet Africa is so rich with natural resources? Why is brain drain on the rise in Africa? Why are our skilled intellectuals deserting ...view middle of the document...

The reason I would want to do this is to alleviate the major problems currently facing Africa and to prevent them from getting any worse than they already are.
Secondly, it can’t be denied that good leadership and freedom cannot be divorced. Africa lacks freedom and in fact, to some extent, is afraid of freedom just at the mention of it. I realized this when I once approached the administration of some institution I was with the idea of introducing a Students for Liberty Club but the idea was first trampled underfoot then thrown out of the window because of the word ‘Liberty’. The administration though I wanted students to be ‘rebellious’ because liberty/freedom has been associated with some sort of rebellion towards absolutes or authorities. Poor me! All I wanted to do was to erase this misguided notion. Lack of freedom locks a people in some sort of a scary dark cocoon; regrettably, Africa is in this kind of cocoon. And so I know that by getting rid of bad leadership, Africa will experience freedom it has never experienced thus allowing her development.
But how would I snuff out bad leadership? Here is how I would do it. Firstly, I would want to use the people to get a solution. That is, I would use people, especially the youth, to create civil societies that would hold leaders accountable. These civil societies would carefully scrutinize anyone who expresses interest in being a leader, specifically in political leadership, and only let him into that leadership position if he is qualified. The moment he/she gets into leadership, they must be closely monitored and if they are found to be having even a shred of bad leadership or misusing that position then they are immediately voted out.
We have had leaders who at the time when they are seeking our votes, they cajole us with every possible sweet word, promising so many things, telling us what we want to hear, but the moment they get up there, they become puppets of foreign nations, selling us to the West, doing what’s in the best interest of the West and not Africa, and trashing...

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