Leadership For Organazations Essay

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Leadership Concepts in Today’s Workplace
Yolanda Gardner
MGT380: Leadership for Organizations
Instructor: Laurence Rice
September 10, 2013

Leadership is a skill that is often learned. The skills and knowledge managed by the leader can be influenced by his or hers characteristics and traits. These beliefs include values, ethics, and character. Knowledge and skills give directly to the method of leadership, while the other attributes give the leader certain characteristics that make them unique. Being a leader can be very challenging for some and extremely easy for others. In 2008 I was an ...view middle of the document...

2011).If the company wants to be a leader in the industry then producing and hiring leaders is a must. Leading employee in innovative ways will always produce the best results for the company.

There are several theories that can be described when leading is involved. The Contingency Path-Goal Theory of Leadership would best describe Centerpoint’s approach to leadership. They believe in rewarding and motivating their employees by setting goals. The rewards are always endless and an employee always feels their work is appreciated. “Path-goal theory identifies four styles of leadership: directive, supportive, participative, and achievement oriented. Leaders can show any or all of these styles and behaviors with different followers, depending on circumstances and needs.” (Weiss, 2011) The vision and the mission of the company are always clear, and employees are continuously reminded of their purpose as individuals and as a part of the company. CenterPoint Energy strategic leaders are the main point for organization’s learning and goal accomplishments. They encourage a culture of inquiry, and search for the lessons in both successful and unsuccessful outcomes. This is a company which study’s failures in a positive and constructive way to find unidentified issues. Finding the problems enables the company to focus on a solution and develop ways to reach a goal. Small, large, personal and company goals are set within every department. For smaller more personal goals such as good customer feedback, or quick resolution time while helping a customer, points are given to an employee. Once an employee has accumulated so many points, the points can be redeemed for a gift of the employee’s choice. The gifts range from gift cards to local restaurants, time off from work and company memorabilia.
Centerpoint makes a habit of revealing their vision to its employees in all situations in the very simplistic forms. From the moment an employee is hired, it is explained and instilled in each employee in the initial training the core values of the company and how they intend to produce such results. As an employee you are taught and trained, the customer is the very essential to the company. You are trained to know without the customer there is no company. The training process includes understanding customer satisfaction means job security and growth of the company. Centerpoint Energy wants to be the leading energy company in its field and more. The fact that Centerpoint adds they want to be a leader and more describes the mission of the company. Not only does the company want to conquer their specific field but they also want to capitalize on other endeavors. The ideas and concept of leadership or always given in plain form, where they are easily understood. When guiding or coaching an employee there is no technical jargon or complicated explanation.
Coaching and extending training is a continuous effort with the company. Once a year each employee...

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