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Leadership Experience Essay

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Leadership experience
Management is a vital process in the smooth running and operation of a company or organization. It is in the management level that a clear vision and mission of a company is set (Holan & Phillips, 2002). Leadership and management are therefore essential in achieving organizational goals and objectives. The Riverside Pediatric Associates case is common in companies and entities that fail to fit into the dynamics of an expanding work place. Human population is constantly increasing and so are clients of a once best rated health facility. However, the changes of the Riverside pediatric facility are not in conformity with the fast increasing demand for ...view middle of the document...

It all begins with the individual in the top management of the facility. Sanchez and Hudson need to prepare a definitive strategy that will oversee the change which they require to see in the company. First of all, there should be the definition of a change management strategy (Holan & Phillips, 2002). This will include a clearly laid down procedure of the management changes right from the top to the bottom. This includes the models of linking the junior officers to the senior officers. If, for instance it was merely based on a command chain, they should adopt a closer relationship (improve communication).
They should prepare a change management team. This will oversee that what is stipulated in the change management strategy is implemented. A sponsorship model should be drawn. There will be clearly outlined partners in the reception of changes to be instituted in the facility. Those partners who are willing to assist should be earmarked so as to have a united mission in the whole process. Those entities that do not want to be part and parcel of the reclamation program should be cut off in this stage. A change management plan should also be developed. This will ensure that the changes that are being implemented are not hostile or foreign to the staff and patients. This is a harmonizing reagent in the whole process of management of the facility being refurbished from the possible disintegration.
The last step in the management of change is the implementation stage. Here the managers and team appointed to oversee the new changes will embark on the processes that lead to restitution. The entirety of the process is purely pegged on this stage. The way the changes are incepted in the company will determine the end product (Hockin, 2007). So the managers should be very vigilant in managing every minute detail of the process. Team cohesiveness should be one of the major places that Sanchez and Hudson will ensure to meet the best of the results. When a team is cohesive, they share common interests and mission. There should be a clear cut road map to direct the employees as to where the facility is headed. Here some managers can promise the staff that once the expansion of the company are implemented by them, there is a stipend increment in their remuneration and working conditions will definitely be stepped up for the better. Having set the pace of motion, the staff will work with the mind of benefitting themselves and the company at large. This will therefore mean that the effectiveness and oneness of the employees is harnessed for the change required. Unity is strength in instituting change in a company (Hockin, 2007). This is the ultimate focal point at this stage, gaining it is regaining the glory of the Pediatric facility back.
Culture and values of the organization should also be revisited. The scenario in this facility under observance is seen to be watered down by the conditions of operation. The values once held by Hudson and Sanchez...

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