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Leadership Case Study

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Question 1:

Describe the leadership styles that you see in the three caselets.
(approximately 500 words - all questions carry equal marks)

Norman Adami and Miller Brewing Company

During Adamis' term at MBC, he orchestrated a leaner organisation, reducing ‘tolerance for mediocrity’, eliminating underperforming employees, improving stagnant sales ultimately improving company performance.

‘Hersey and Blanchard call their [leadership] approach ‘situational leadership’. Their theory describes leadership behaviour on two dimensions – tasks behaviour and supportive behaviour’’ (Huczynski, A., Buchanan,D.)

This theory is applicable to Adami.
Implementing extreme ...view middle of the document...

“The democratic style is most effective when the leader needs the team to buy into, or have ownership of a decision, plan or goal….” (Benincasa, R p.164 citing Goleman)

Buchanan’s theory of ‘Managers do things right’ while ‘Leaders do the right thing’ can be appreciated in this caselet.
Undoubtedly this was the right change for JC Penney at that time, effectively leading them into the 21st century with a revitalised culture. (Buchanan, p.669)

David R. Whitwam and Whirlpool

Whitman displays characteristics of ‘Innovative Leadership’ in his vision for implementation of a significant Innovation programme within Whirlpool.
Identifying a stalemated industry, he strived to assure consumers that Whirlpool were still innovative.
‘Creative genius is less important in an innovative leader than is the ability to form a vision around an idea or set of ideas’ (

Joining comparable innovative leaders such as Steve Jobs, Whitman provided platforms for idea generation within the entire organisation.
Whitman retained intense commitment to his Goals, Strategies and tactics.
Goleman suggests Authoritative style is best used “when new vision and direction is needed”, which is also identifiable with Whitman.
Demonstrating a trait of ‘Authoritative Leadership’, Whitman was disinclined to deviate on initial failure, on experts’ advice. Instead intensifying the effort, budget and scope encouraging 100% inclusion and buy-in from all employees at Whirlpool. (Buchanan, citing Goleman p.670)

“Successful leaders modify their behaviour to respond to the needs of...

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