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Leadership Born Or Trained Essay

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With right atmosphere and proper nurturing, leadership skills get sharpened over a period of time making an individual an effective leader. Training managers does enable them to be effective leaders, however for managers to be effective leaders they do need to have some personality or traits. Corporate houses organize leadership modules and teaching of leadership skills is a mandatory module in every manager’s list of programs for management trainees.
To put it in simple words, leaders can definitely be trained but it is important to have a strong and forthright personality to become an effective leader. Management education and discussions on various case studies which students undergo ...view middle of the document...

Thus, certain leadership traits might result in certain situations but ineffective leadership in others. This ignorance of situation in which leadership takes place has no meaning in training as to be effective leader here as one trains to be a effective leader in situation that complements their trait otherwise the whole purpose of training is defeated. Some of the required traits to become an effective leader are as follows:
• Emotional stability and composure- Calm, confident and predictable, particularly when under stress.
• Admitting error- Owning up to mistakes, rather than putting energy into covering up.
• Good interpersonal skills- Able to communicate and persuade others without resort to negative or coercive tactics.
• Intellectual breadth- Able to understand a wide range of areas, rather than having a narrow (and narrow-minded) area of expertise.
These are the traits that one needs to have to be an effective leader these traits are sharpened which enables them to become effective leaders. Without...

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