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Leadership Basics Defined Essay

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Leadership Basics Defined

Morris E. Shepherd Jr.

Columbia Southern University

Leadership is defined by the Military as: The process of influencing others to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Many of the most influential people in history have served time within their countries military and have gone on to become influential leaders of their country, such as: Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, and Alexander the Great. By taking an example of how the military has produced countless leaders many companies can use this example to help create both a positive and productive ...view middle of the document...

This is where the end results are written or planned out in the beginning and then you would work ‘backwards’ listing all of the steps you would need to take in order to reach your final goal. Without some type of organization, anything that you would want to achieve will quite possibly fall to the wayside and end up in failure.
Another important factor in being successful in your professional life is time management. Time management is the effective planning process of creating a goal and creating a timeline in order to help you achieve this goal. When the time management factor is involved it helps a person to see where they are according to a set time while assuring that they are not falling to the wayside or putting things off. When an assignment such as a research paper is given to a student in class normally it is given to the student at the beginning of class. In order to keep things in perspective imagine that the course that the student is taking lasts six weeks. During this time the teacher would normally say that a subject for the student’s research paper is due to them by the second or third week. After that an outline is due for the teacher to look at to ensure that the student understands the project at hand. This also helps the student to keep on track and to keep from ‘putting things off’ until the last minute. Normally a rough draft is due for the teacher to read. This may seem like a way of ‘micro-managing,’ but in all actuality it is establishing a good working pattern of time management. If people did not have proper time management, almost every time some type of suspense needed to be met they would find themselves working on this project the night before it was due. This can cause poor workmanship and thus produce a bad product which can make people lose confidence in the ability and professionalism of a person.

Effective Communication is a key factor within any profession. As a leader you need to be able to articulate and effectively let your people know what needs to be accomplished as well as how to proceed in order to have the most positive outcome. When a leader does not communicate properly, people tend to become confused and to not produce a positive work product. Another negative outcome of not being precise is that peers and subordinates will begin to question your leadership as well as looking at you as not being an effective and positive leader. Some ways to ensure effective communication is to sit down with everyone involved and have a positive discussion where both sending and receiving messages is involved. When this happens everyone involved can be sure that their ideas, thoughts, and input is received and that they are a part of the team. This will also help leaders to know that their intent is both understood and effectively implemented.

Ethical decisions, leadership, and how they can make or break a team
As a leader it is imperative that you...

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