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Leadership Article Review

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The Leadership Lever


Proper leadership is required to maintain and build an organization, not just proper management. When proper leadership is in place it is a benefit to both the organization and the individual leader.


There are several steps that management can take to create a positive working environment, however, there needs to be steady and firm leadership in place in order to make management a success. There are four "management levers" that help shape the way a group works, and there are four "leadership levers" that are important for a leader to have in order to provide leadership to a group. There are several qualities that make a successful leader that go above and beyond the ...view middle of the document...

However, he explains that you must have management for leadership to move forward effectively and that leadership is really just an extension of good management that give the process more leverage.


I definitely agree with the articles statement that leadership is more valuable and insightful than management alone, and both are needed to run a successful organization. I have always thought that leadership was a vital role in any organization and is needed, especially in school settings, in order to have a clear vision for the staff as well as families involved. I think there is so much more to being a leader than just a manager, and I think that unfortunately, sometimes people in leadership roles take on more of a management mentality which ends up causing a problem for the organization.


The articles insight on what a leader should do and how they should act as opposed to a manager is extremely beneficial for me in my roles as a leader in development. It is important for me to know all of the essential pieces required to be a leader, as well as how the "leadership lever" works. The main value I gained from this article in the vision that is shared by the organization, the leader, and those that report to the leader. I see that as very important in a school setting and it is important that the administration and staff have a shared vision that they each can relate to and agree with. I am going to use the information from this article and apply it to my everyday roles in my career, which will hopefully allow me to be a leader at my fullest potential and help motivate clarity in the vision of those around me.


Hogan, J. (2011). The Leadership Lever. IT Pro .

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