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Leadership Application Essay

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Leadership Theory Application in a News Team

The organization I used to work for, as a news reporter, is News 3 New Mexico production team in KENW TV-3, public broadcasting facility in Portales, New Mexico. KENW offers professional equipment and first-class facilities to students majoring in broadcast production and journalism at Eastern New Mexico University. News 3 New Mexico is a student-produced nightly live newscast, which airs Monday through Wednesday at 5 p.m. Students work there, some as paid employees and some as unpaid volunteers gain hands-on experience in production, news reporting, graphics, directing and audio.
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This yelling bothers and even scares people a lot because people consider it as disrespecting and distracting. However, Megan always explains her bad temper by stating that it is her leadership style and not targeting anybody in person. Since this tough leadership style is so appreciated and supported by our supervisor- Mr. Kirby, who is originally from Times Warner broadcast in New York city and so adapt to a “dog-eat-dog” environment, nobody dare to challenge Megan and speak out our deep grievances. News director’s bad temper and tough even become a “culture” of news team. Other employees sometimes also yell to other colleagues and display arrogant as what news director does. Some of them are not willing to help each other in team. For example, once a male audio director asked graphic designer “what’s the time now?” Graphic designer did not even look at him and responded by an “I don’t know and I don’t care,” which I think is so offensive and irrespective. Therefore, the situation is that employees cannot get along very well and lots of badmouthings are going on underneath.
Secondly, to ensure the high quality of the news show, student employees’ job responsibilities are usually fixed. News director assign employees work to do before newscast. Mr. Kirby always educated us to do what we’re good at. Once a news reporter applied for a news director’s position, although she got opportunities of being trained as a director and observing news director’s work, she was never given a chance to actually direct a show. Her experience discouraged other employees’ intentions to try different jobs in team.
To sum up, the leadership problem in News 3 New Mexico production team negatively affects the overall productivity of team. Mistakes frequently happen during a semester’s broadcast. Although someone may explain these mistakes as students’ inexperience, I would explain these by an inappropriate leadership style and failure on employee motivation.
Facing with above problems, we would ask which leadership style is most suitable for News 3 New Mexico in order to increase team productivity? And how to release the stress of employees and increase their satisfaction of the work?
Leadership style and Team Leadership
According to leadership style theory, Mr. Kirby and Megan are executing an “authority-compliance management” style. They put heavy emphasis on task and job requirements and less emphasis on people. Communicating with subordinates is not emphasized except for the purpose of giving instructions about the task. This leadership style can hardly be accepted by team members, lots of student employees complained that they feel less cared and they work for news team only for salary and learning experience, once they get what they want, they will leave news team as soon as they can.
Since news production is such a team-based work, leaders in team should execute a “team...

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