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Leadership And Ethics Essay

1388 words - 6 pages

A Discussion of Leadership and Ethics

Grand Canyon University

LDR 800

October 13, 2010

Leadership and Ethics 2


Recognizing the importance of ethical behavior in leadership requires leaders that

understand its value. Leaders must have the ability to choose the ethical values that are most

important to their organization. Generally speaking ethical behavior gains significance and

becomes relevant when people must enforce the laws upon themselves because of the

environmental or organizational setting of their workplace; consequently, in the everyday routine

of those in an organizational setting, workers are exposed to many different situations and ...view middle of the document...

While designing a standard code of ethics, it is

Leadership and Ethics 3

reasonable to consider different practices that could result in unethical behavior for different

environmental set ups within any business structured entity (Wyne, 2010). Consequently, in an

effort to collect data from a wide spectrum, a survey was conducted to determine if there is a

need to develop a general code of ethics for a corporation. The survey used included 15

questions and was given to 700 individuals. Nearly one-third of the people surveyed did not have

or did not know if they had a set of business ethics required of them specific to their

organization. Additionally, many of the respondents did not know the last time the ethical

standards were updated. This review of ethical awareness focused on the ability of staff to

understand and know the requirements of moral behavior in the workplace. There was an

indication that the code of ethics made available to workers was long, hard to find, and

ambiguous (Wyne, 2010). The study revealed that most leaders perceive their primary role to be

enforces of the law rather than instructors of how the law is to be maintained. Moreover, the

researcher noted that the supportive leader provides clarity in moral practices, values trust,

models ethical behavior, and involves workers in taking responsibility to embrace ethical

morality (Wyne, 2010). This support detailed in the study places value on a leader who stresses

the importance of a work community that is ethically complete.

Doo Lim studied the relationship between the work ethic of manufacturing machine

operators and a self-directed vs. a traditional work team based on four subscales of work ethic

standards. The population for this study included 396 production workers employed in 2

facilities of paper mill manufacturing sites. Site A produced 169 out of a possible 250 responses

and site B produced 83 out of a possible 146 responses. There were 199 male respondents

between the ages of 27-55. Data analysis results indicated that machine operators in the self-
directed work team facility reported higher scores on being ethical, dependable, ambitious,

Leadership and Ethics 4

considerate, cooperative, and the aggregated measure of all of them than did those in a

traditional work group (Lim, 2008). The results revealed that through self-direction and reliance

on ethical standards taught at an early age, workers can initiate ethical practices in the

workplace. Consequently, the employees of the traditional work systems seemed to also perceive

themselves as working hard but potential barriers, such as fewer skill sets expected, not being

team oriented, and being focused on accomplishing one task or process tended to contribute to

their negative perceptions about their work being ambitious, ethical, or cooperative (Lim, 2008).

Through this study, a...

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