Leadership And Change Management Essay

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Leadership And Change Management

Leadership is "a sequence of multidirectional, reciprocal influence processes among many individuals at different levels, in different subunits and within executive teams" (Yukl 1994, p. 459). It is the way to acheive the gaol and motivate the people to do best. Leadership is the source of inspiration and it shows the action and way of acts to do. Leadership is considered as a product of complex social relationships (Dachler 1988). Current theoretical approaches on leadership research is concern about a greater extent role of leadership research which describe and give some understanding and recommends for effective leader behaviour and normative ...view middle of the document...

But hte truth is that when we see it, we will recognise it.
Contemporary theoretical concepts have assumptions that leadership has to be understood. Following Hunt's classification leadership approaches on a continuum from "objectivistic" to "subjectivistic " (Hunt 1991), they are more likely to present it as "subjectivistic purpose". If traditional patterns of explanation included in the content of newer approaches, contemporary theories, these are generally have to be understood as an advantage of classical theory. There are some particular people that others follow them, they like there style, work and extraordinary activities.
If we look at organisational events, there is someone who have the leadership qualities, these are people who are willing to order and tell the other people what they have to do and what to do, and have the respect of other people or gain that respect.
Many images made by inspirations from leadership. They have their own identity and fame in the world. Special individuals like, Hitler, Jinnah, Gandhi or Napoleon. The story around these people show that they passed from so many crisis where acts of one person who is the leading peosonality, are meaningful and people admire to follow decision of their leader. Leaders have the ability to decide, what can do and what they have to do and they deliver thier message to others to communicate and pass thier message to others. When these are absent or cannot deliver their ideas then there may be problem. Quality of leadership is success of groups and organisations. There are so many definitions for the leadership quality. There are so many leadership qualities and four main things are to lead influence on others. Second, where there are leaders and there are followers as well. Third, leaders must appear or involve when there is crisis or special problem. The leaders have quality that they seem to come visible when an innovative action from other side is required. Fourthly, leaders are the people who know that what they have to do and what they should do in future and why they should impliment their stretegy. So, leaders are the people who have clear vision about the thinking and decision that what they should do in uncertain situations and who have the effecting personility in the actions, thoughts and positive views and thinking of others. In this case, leader's qualities are personal. It depends on individual's qualities and actions. Leader can be manager or expert. May be not all managers can be leaders and not all leaders can be managers.
In literature of leadership there have been four 'generations' of theories:
Trait theories.
Behavioural theories.
Contingency theories.
Transformational theories.
"Leaders are person who are able to explain themselves"(Warren Bennis,2004). If we get the knowledge about the lives of people who have marked that they are the great personalities or great effective leaders, it make it clears that they have very different qualities. If...

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