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Leadership Analysis

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Submitted to :
Professor Hilda Teodoro

Submitted by:
Mark Berces
Felicitas Garcia
Maria Madonna Peralta
Sherwin Ramos
Eliza Valenzuela
Jose Yason III

February 11, 2012
I. Background

The leader we chose that exemplifies effective leadership is Rosanna Llenado. She did not come from affluent, influential nor political clan. She had humble beginnings and ordinary profile. She married in her twenties, and a hands-on mom in rearing her four kids. Her mom, being the most influential person in her life, had deeply ingrained in her the importance of education, hence, their poverty had not been a hindrance in pursuing and excelling in her studies. ...view middle of the document...

Having come from a very poor family yet having had the opportunity to get the best public education, I realized early on how powerful an equalizer education could be. With the right education, children of disadvantaged families grow up to be leaders, inventors, lawmakers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and innovators”. Furthermore she said, “ I believe teachers are heroes. They have the power to influence and inspire. I’ve made it my mission to find exceptionally intelligent people and convince them to share what they know with others”.
The company is unique because it addresses practically all learning needs. Other distinct services the company is known for include:
* Bringing students and teachers continents apart, face to face, via internet –based video platform ( pioneer in this field of service)
* Maintaining high quality staff by screening top graduates of internationally recognized universities as teachers. Once hired they are given intensive training on furthering their baseline knowledge and skills
* Customized sessions according to the specific needs of the learner.
* Added value services at no cost : Mind mapping, Speed reading sessions, etc

II. Elements of Effective Leadership leading to Rosanna Llenado’s success
* Recognized traits that were effectively honed which became her strengths in fulfilling her vision
* Rosanna Llenado is intelligent, disciplined, persevering, persistent, optimistic, and a visionary. She may have scarce financial resources to begin with, but her humble beginnings have inspired her to embrace an advocacy that will help people rise from their poverty by helping them achieve the full benefits of good education

* Behavioral approach: Employee-centered over job –centered leadership
* Quoted from her interview when asked about her employees, she said “Many of our teachers have successful careers in medicine, law, engineering, and other fields but they make time to teach at our centers because this is their passion. It has been a very fulfilling 15 years; changing lives, leading people to the vocation of teaching, and...

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