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Leadership Essay

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Modern Leadership
University of Maryland University College
AMBA 600 9045
Susan Malone

The following paper examines two different leadership styles. Daniel Goleman introduces emotional intelligence and he explains the fundamental elements that define emotional intelligence and make a good leader. Mitch McCrimmon examines thought leadership in the workplace and compares it to shared or positional leadership. Both styles of leadership are similar and yet much different. In order for an organization to be effective, it must utilize both styles of leadership. Today’s economic climate calls for companies to constantly think outside the box and be innovative and in order ...view middle of the document...

The ability to lead does not necessarily come from a great technical acumen. People, in general, are passionate and temperamental beings. Such passion is natural to human beings and can be seen in all aspects of day-to-day living. In order for one to be a good leader, he or she must be able to exercise control over his or her sentiments, which essentially defines emotional intelligence. (Goleman, 1998)
Emotional intelligence is comprised of five different elements that illustrate fundamental skills that describe the quintessential essence of a leader. The five elements include self-awareness, managing emotions, motivating others, showing empathy, and staying connected. Each element contributes a significant weight in ones ability to lead. (Goleman, 1998)
Self-awareness is knowing how to evaluate oneself and to have the ability to be able to scan and read a situation and have the knowledge to know how one will react emotionally to certain stimuli. Knowing oneself is important to ones ability to lead because leading comes from an ability to lead through feelings. For example, everyone has heard of having that “gut” feeling. This feeling comes from reactions that take place within the body once the mind senses that something isn’t quite right. When the mind senses this, the body works in unison to provide a reaction that will give an indication that something is off. Being in tune with the body’s natural reactions and responses to certain stimuli is the definition of self-awareness. (Goleman, 1998)
In line with self-awareness comes the ability to manage emotions. Once an individual is aware of himself or herself, he or she can take necessary action to control emotional responses. Being a leader is about being able to keep a “poker face” and not let others know how you really feel. Keeping that good face on is paramount to being able to manage ones emotions. For example, keeping a temper is check would fall under this category. If there is someone or something in the workplace that is constantly irritating, the worst thing that one can do is to get upset and let others know it. A true leader can maintain his or her cool under pressure and in stressful situations. A true leader can resist being pushy and imprudent and always keeping a level head. A true leader has the ability to take a step back and make a decision that has been well thought through. (Goleman, 1998)
A sign if a true leader is his or her ability to motivate others. Motivating others is a vast portion of being a true leader. The ability to motivate others comes in many different forms. A true leader will posses a certain kind of sanguineness and will be able to apply this type of attitude in situations that may not have the most appealing outlook. When something goes wrong amongst the team, it is incumbent upon a true leader to maintain a favorable composure because team members will look to the leader and act according to the way that the leader is acting. If the leader is...

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