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Leaders Vs. Managers Essay

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Leaders vs. Managers
Leadership and management are two separate entities and should be treated as such. This subject has been an ongoing debate in the corporate circles for many years. Some people are born leaders and some are born to manage. Both positions have similar duties such as directing work and influencing people to attain a goal, but have differing character traits for the day-to-day encounters of all players within the organization. This paper will discuss each position separately, and discuss the differences between them and the importance of each. With these comparisons in mind, the paper will also show research that indicates a fewer number of leaders as compared to managers ...view middle of the document...

A manager’s multitude of responsibilities does not always allow them to have the daily contact with his or her crew. His or her perceptions of the fit of a prospective employee into the established team might not always be his or her specialty. A decision based on talent alone could end up being detrimental to the overall psychological cohesiveness of the group and how it functions.
Leaders are also an integral part of any organization. A person in this role is “usually a very creative, dynamic, outgoing and unflappable individual. They tend to think big picture focusing on vision and strategy while looking to make a long-term impact” (Myatt, 2006). He or she has a large amount of managerial responsibilities and authorities without the managerial paycheck.
It is absolutely necessary that a person in a leader position understands the final product and the processes and procedures to complete the finished product. Leaders use their creative capabilities to adjust and improve processes for more streamline methods from the original standard operating procedures usually set by management. With the daily exposure to the processes and in-depth knowledge of each step, leaders have great insight to improvements close to the front lines of production. He or she can also suggest new equipment or structural needs for improvement to management, but rarely has the authority to implement that type of change without approval.
Leaders are most valuable with their skills in dealing with the employees of the department. A good leader understands each person on the team on an individual basis. This knowledge is crucial in the personnel decisions pertaining to the structure of the department. Managers can prove to be more effective in their position if leaders are allowed to be partial decision makers in the addition or subtraction of personnel, because of their overall knowledge and daily contact with each member of their team. Leaders must learn the influential powers necessary to coerce his or her subordinates into extra effort for achievement of the common goal. If a leader is viewed as knowledgeable and personable in his or her skills, subordinates are usually more willing to work harder and help achieve the end results necessary.
Even though these positions...

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