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Leaders Are Not Born Essay

797 words - 4 pages

Section A: Narrative/Descriptive/Imaginative Writing
1 Write a descriptive piece called The Workplace. In your writing focus on colours, sounds and textures to help your reader imagine the scene.
2 ‘Thunder could be heard rumbling faintly in the distance; rain began to spit from the sky; the wind was beginning to rise. The island lay just before them. They needed shelter and needed it now …’Continue a short story from this opening. In your writing create a sense of mood and place. (You do not have to complete the story.)
3 Write the opening chapter of a novel called The Outlaw. In your writing create a sense of character and motivation of someone who lives outside the law.
4 ...view middle of the document...

In your writing create a sense of the narrator’s outlook and mood.
3 Write a short story called The Curse. In your writing create a sense of mystery and suspense.
4 Imagine you are flying high over a particular landscape. What can you see? What can you hear? What do you feel?
Section B: Discursive/Argumentative Writing
5 ‘The United Nations is an ineffective organisation and an expensive luxury. We need to move on.’What do you think?
6 Write a magazine article called ‘The Ideal Community’ in which you argue that people can build environmentally sound and sustainable communities.
7 ‘Good leaders are born, not made.’ Do you agree? You should offer detailed reasons for your point of view.
8 Write two contrasting newspaper articles (between 300–450 words each), one called ‘You Have to Spend Money to Make Money’, and one called ‘Save It For A Rainy Day’.

Section A: Narrative/Descriptive/Imaginative Writing
1 Write a descriptive piece called The Lost World. In your writing create an atmosphere of decay and isolation.
2 ‘She read the text message on her phone. She paused, gasped, and took a very deep breath…’Continue the story. In your writing bring out a sense of suspense and tension. (You do not have to complete the story.)
3 Write two...

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