Leader, Dealer In Hope Essay

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Leader, Dealer in Hope

The interpretation of what leadership is supposed to encompass to an individual is naturally going to be different from the next person. This does not mean that leadership does not have a main intent. As said by Dwight Eisenhower, "Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it." The whole key to this quote, and to the true meaning of leadership, is where the leader is able to motivate his followers to want to achieve his goal. He does not do this with force, but with impunity. A leader should be someone who tells the group he leads what to do, but ...view middle of the document...

In the past years, however, I feel as though some things could have been handled differently. A leader in our marching band, specifically a drum major, should be one who is usually seen and heard. A drum major is not only the conductor of the band, but he/she is also the liaison of his/her peers to the band directors and the audience. This being the case, I think the drum major(s) should give direct feedback during rehearsals more and the same with speeches motivating the band to drive ahead with their goals and to address the reality of some situations. This makes the position of drum major more of a positive influence and trait rather than merely a job title or rank. I would also try a new technique during rehearsals in order to improve the usual issue of some members of the band forgetting to watch the drum major(s). It's a tentative idea, but it should be an entertaining way of making a point; in the middle of a run-through, unannounced to the band, one of the drum majors, in the middle of conducting, could slip in an unusual arm movement or something out of place for a moment, without breaking a beat. This would most likely get a laugh out of someone. Don't worry, this is going somewhere. At the end of the run-through, or when there is a pause in the rehearsal, someone on the observing end of the practice...

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