Lead And Manage A Group Living Environment

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Lead and Manage Group Living for Adults

Performance Criteria 3174

1.1There are many different types of group living provisions available, all of them must support and provide individual person centred care and encourage independence. All people have the same rights, civil liberties and the same access to everyday living conditions regardless of disability. Within a group living environment all the normal and good things in life must be upheld to enable individuals to feel valued in society. This allows control over their own lives, decision making and the opportunity to communicate their needs, wishes and preferences when planning their care.

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There is a balance to be found between patient’s participation in everyday activities and the duty of care.

1.4, 1.5, 1.6 For patients with physical disabilities such as mobility, vision and dementia a well designed environment can provide support through familiarity and purpose, to maximise existing abilities. The environment should be made to feel homely and safe. Premises must also pass inspections by the Care Quality Commission for safety and suitability. All patients utilising a care service must also have access to outdoor space, communal rooms, toilets, baths and showers. When maintaining the home and the physical environment that may require redecoration it is important to involve the residents through meetings to listen to their desires, needs and aspirations.

2.1 In my workplace daily living activities are routinely carried out for basic care such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, transferring and continence. Some people can carry this out independently; others however require some support and some full support. This is governed by the essential standards within the health and Social Care Act 2008. It maintains personal needs must be assessed to ensure care is carried out safely and supports a patient’s rights. These rights apply to everyone as set out in the Equality Act 2010 and the Human Rights Act 1998 and for those that lack capacity in accordance with the Mental Capacity Act 2007. For all patients living in a care environment legislations have a huge impact on the workplace policies and procedures and consequently their daily living activities.

2.2 In my day to day role I am responsible for implementing and planning the individual daily living activities for all my patients. The plans must meet every individual need no matter how complex. Each plan must be person centred and offer active support to have positive outcomes.

2.3, 2.4 Person centred care planning is essential and systems are in place to ensure this is carried out. It begins prior to admission with a pre admission assessment to ensure the home can meet the needs of the patient. This is then continued after admission, the patient and relatives are encouraged to actively participate in car planning. This ensures empowerment and control to help significantly improve their quality of life. All staff must be informed of the plan of care and changes updated and reassess when needed. In my role I oversee the review of daily living activities by delegating staff members to carry out the planned care. This helps to improve continuity and accountability. The frequency of participation in each activity can be recorded to help evaluate and review to ensure it meets the need and preferences of the patient.

3.1 Positive outcomes within group living are individual as they depend on the priorities and aspirations of each patient. However they all aspire to live well, preventing further deterioration to health. To meet these needs each...

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