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Laws 2302 Essay

908 words - 4 pages

Introduction to Legal Studies
Mock Exam
Lecture 2
1. Formal social control is likely used in what society?
a. Homogeneous society
b. Heterogeneous society
c. Civil law society
d. Common law society
2. The Cheyenne Nation, as discussed by Llewellyn and Hoebel, is an example of a _______________ society which would likely use _____________ social control.
e. Heterogeneous society, formal
f. Homogeneous society, formal
g. Heterogeneous society, informal
h. Homogenous society, informal
3. Which is not a theory of legal scholar Donald Black?
i. Law is more prominent in some societies than others
j. Law is ...view middle of the document...

Conflicts become the property of he/she who has the most money
w. Conflicts are treated with bias by “human” judges
x. Conflicts are wrongly portrayed in the media
Lecture 3
7. Bouchard and Taylor theorize that when rights come into conflict the best solution is one which:
y. Balances the importance of certain rights over others but infringes, ideally, as minimally as possible on both parties rights
z. Achieves a balancing act of rights and infringes as minimally as possible on the parties rights
{. Achieves a balancing act of resolution which diminishes to the greatest extent any harm done to the parties through the infringement of their rights
|. Attempts to infringe as minimally as possible on parties rights while asserting which right is more important according to normative positions within society.
8. “To stand by the decided case” is expressed through what Latin term:
}. Statua Dignus
~. Ratio Decidendi
. Stare Decisis
. Obiter Dicta
9. Canadian Pacific Railway v Robinson is important because it:
. Examined the conflict between common law and civil law systems in Canada
. Distinguished when mens rea and actus reus coincide
. Distinguished the civil law system from the common law system in Canada
. Examined the rule of caveat emptor
10. The Desrosiers Case is important because it:
. Examined the rule of caveat emptor
. Distinguished the civil law system from the common law system in Canada
. Examined the conflict between the common law and Civil law systems in Canada
. Distinguished when mens rea and actus reus coincide
11. It is most important under a common law system to:
. Adhere to legal theory
. Have a codified set of rules
. Analyze normative positions of society
. Stand by the decided case
12. In a civil law system:
. The Common Code is a primary source of law
. Decisions rely on precedent
. Legal scholarship is paramount
. The letter and “spirit of society” is highly referenced

Lecture 4
13. The principle that all persons are subject to the law, including those who are themselves lawmakers, is termed as:

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