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HSM Law Profile Paper

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HSM Law Profile Paper


The use of Information technology now allows human service organizations to more efficiently keep track of high priority information on clients, costs, and regulations. Years ago this information was kept by hand in ledgers. Nowadays client numbers, costs, and regulations have increased astronomically. As such information technology is the only way to keep track. There are a plethora of IT solutions for human service organizations. Out of the box solutions typically contain applications that record physician orders and keep track of ...view middle of the document...

” Furthermore our government "sought to reduce the administrative costs and burden associated with healthcare by standardizing data and facilitating transmission of many administrative and financial transactions." Those that know HIPAA well feel that the rules will reduce the cost of healthcare, secure client information, and empower clients to monitor their own personal data. HIPAA also has provisions to optimize the processes of the health insurance industry. Simply put HIPAA is the law of the land when it comes to information relating to the health of individuals.

HIPAA and its influence on human care
Healthcare professionals today can enter, access, and update patient information essentially instantaneously. This is in marked contrast to the way it used to be done which was by written entry into a log book or ledger. Multiple individuals can interact with the patient data simultaneously. A doctor can update a patient's medical information, while at the same time a pharmacist can enter new prescription medications. A nurse may be viewing the patient data and all of a sudden be notified that the data is changing due to the doctor and pharmacist entries. All of these transactions must be done in compliance to the rules defined by HIPAA. Privacy is the most important rule to follow. The way privacy is implemented is through IT software installed on the hospitals computer systems.

Individuals who want to learn about HIPAA can access the web site link to HIPAA; or they can call either the Department of Health and Human Services or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

Reasons for HIPAA
The goal of HIPAA is to safeguard health related information of individuals. As such there has been created a nation-wide set of rules that guard consumers of health care. The rules specifically govern restraints on manipulating information that is determined to be protected health information (PHI). Information is labeled PHI if it is related to client health and it is going to be moved from one location to another by any available means. The HIPAA rules aim to

• Ensure proper movement of health care information in the event of a client changing jobs
• Safeguard client information that is stored at a particular location
• Make more efficient the ability to make health care requests for service and subsequent insurance claims to pay for the service
• Facilitate interactions between health care providers and insurance agencies

(Woodward, 2007)

Influence of HIPAA
Health care service organizations generally take precautions when handling client information. HIPAA rules significantly influence how these organizations implement the precautions. Doctors must know what information is Protected Health Information and who it may be visible to. As such written PHI should never be left where anyone can see it. Verbal Protected Health Information should be communicated in privacy....

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