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Law Notes Essay

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Copyright - protects work, not idea (50 years)
Patents - protects idea, not necessarily work (20 years)
Trademarks - brands, symbols
Fungibles - grain barrel,
Bailment - one party looking at somebody etc.

Sale of Goods Act - condition and warranties. Consumer protection -

Basic Overview of Procurement forms
Sarah Mamoser
Procurement - when company goes and buys smth; not legal obligation to procur.
Tendering cases - construction projects;
Contract A
procurement stage contract
forms when materially compliant bid is submitted
there can be multiple Contract A if the owner receives multiple compliant bids

-act in good faith (can’t use undisclosed material)
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Accounting guidance trying to capture.
Brad - sophisticated client - interpretation of a point - reading indenture - coming prepared to meetings.
Last class
Sample questions:
Business structure might you choose?
Joint venture - is not a business structure, just two companies working together
VS Partnership - 2 entities that working together to split profits and liabilities.
Partnership act - will govern how we: ........
Leasehold estate land = limited to a specific period of time, after which property reverts back to the owner.

New flooring and new walls - real or personal? It is real, b/e it is not removable, affixed to the building and cannot be easily removed, which means it would be likely to be fixtures. The test to determine whether it is chattel or fixture is? -was the purpose of attachment to enhance the land or for the better use of the chattel as a chattel? In this case the purpose of new walls and new flooring enhance the building, rather than to better use any particular chattel within the building.

Jeopardy game:
Punitive damages
Utmost good faith
Gratuitous promise
An invitation to treat
Fraudulent misrepresentation
Intrusion upon seclusion
Common law
Public nuisance
Self regulating
Condition - innocent party to treat the entire contract
Privilege of lawyers
A retainer
$ 25000 minimum
Just cause
Constructive dismissal- if employer makes change without concent
Bona fide...

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