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Law Enforcement Paper

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Discussion Question
Herijo Gonzalez
October 22, 2011
Lexie Williams

Discussion Question
What are the different types of prisons?
There are two types of prisons in the United States. The first one I will discuss is the state prison. State prisons are run by a state of the United States in which prisoners convicted of serious crimes. Most people sentenced to state prisons are convicted of violent crimes (50.5%), while property crimes (20.4%) and drug crimes (21.4%) are nearly tied as the second most common type of offenses for which offenders are imprisoned (Schmalleger, 2009). The other ...view middle of the document...

State prisons house the majority of the prison population. Some may refer to prisoners in state correctional facilities as blue collar criminals, compared to federal prisoners who are referred as white collar criminals.

How do the criteria of each type of prison affect sentencing?
There are sentencing guidelines that are followed in court. The guidelines shift the power of sentencing from judges to legislators. To ensure the correct punishment for a crime there is a specific grid that is followed. The grid identifies the right sentence for an individual who committed a specific crime and figures in a criminal history score. Congress also passed the Federal Sentencing Guidelines Act, which takes away parole for federal criminals, and limits early release programs for prisoners. These factors can affect sentencing for both types of prisons.

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