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Law Enforcement Guidelines Essay

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Law Enforcement Guidelines
Shawntel Mack
American Intercontinental University

This paper will briefly discuss Robert Peel’s principles of policing. My research will explain the importance of having control of your temper results to disintegrating a situation. This paper provides two examples of police-involved shootings where better judgment could have applied. I will express my opinion on what I think should been to develop proper demeanor of law enforcement officers. Lastly, this paper pinpoints training deficiencies and will provide feedback of the area of training needed to satisfy the deficiency.

Law Enforcement Guidelines
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Needless to say, the man died at the scene and there were no weapons found in the car. However, crack cocaine and powered cocaine were found in the man’s socks (Davis & Treen, 2012). In a story that made national headlines about a person that was killed, while he was leaving his bachelor party at a New York nightclub with some friends and sprayed with 50 bullets by three police officers (Cop in killing, 2012).
I do not think that enough is being done to develop the demeanor of law enforcement officers properly. I think that that proper development is based upon an individual basis. Officers mature differently and at different times in their lives and I think that experience contributes to development. With all of the countless number of police-involved shootings across the nation, it is obvious that ethics training is not on the top of the list of the academy curricula of law enforcement academies. Majority of the time and attention is directed to non-lethal weapons, firearms, defensive tactics, search and seizure, laws of arrest, and pursuit driving training (Kardasz, n.d.).
As chief of police of a law enforcement organization, I would require my officers to take annual ethics...

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