Law Enforcement Challenges Essay

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Law Enforcement Challenges
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Law Enforcement Challenges
In the world today, enhanced technology has come to permeate every aspect of life. Technology molds how people interact, how banking services are provided and even how crimes are committed. Cyber crimes have developed in volume and substance over the years, and this has posed a great challenge, especially to law enforcement agencies. This paper ...view middle of the document...

For instance, police officers in California are not allowed to make arrests in Florida while the Federal Bureau of Investigations is not authorized to make arrests in Spain. Moreover, extradition (situation where one state surrenders a criminal to another) is nearly unattainable because such instances require double criminality. Criminals that are overseas can thus proceed with their misdemeanor, provided the country they reside in is unwilling to collaborate. The international law stipulates that a country has no compulsion to turn over a criminal to a requesting nation. Such provisions by the law, among others, either slow or break down enforcement procedures making it difficult for law enforcers to bring perpetrators to book. Generally, the implementation of rules that oversee online behavior is intricate compared to other traditional laws (Susan, 2012).
Challenges that overlapping of jurisdictions poses in the fight against cyber crime
Over the years, it has been suggested that overlapping jurisdiction should be used to combat cyber crimes. This approach has, however, proved inefficient because it is marred by challenges. The greatest challenge overlapping jurisdictions face in fighting cyber crime is to determine which jurisdiction and laws to use. This quandary is because the Internet has no defined boundaries thus it can cross over numerous domains in a short while. For instance, an email sent within the same room can navigate around the world before it reaches the recipient. In such cases, the message traverses through multiple jurisdictions making it difficult to determine which jurisdiction and what laws to be applied.
Further, it is practically challenging to...

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