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Law Enforcement And Gun Control Essay

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Gun Control Laws and Law Enforcement

Gun Control Laws and Law Enforcement

When a large structure such as the Washington monument is created, the nation remember the names of the people who constructed it. However, people do not remember the hammers that carved the stone. In today’s society when an active shooting takes place the tool is always blamed and receives most of the blame instead of the shooter. Politicians then look for ways to put laws into place to attack the issue. The gun laws being put in place effect a law enforcement officers' job in many ways. Laws get created in states requiring law enforcement to enforce, what I consider to be an unconstitutional attack on the ...view middle of the document...

I have a firm belief that the second amendment is one the most important amendment of all. As a law enforcement officer, I wish only to protect citizens rights. How is a officer suppose to confiscate something that provides a life and death security to its owner? The hypocrisy would mentally effect officers' thoughts on the constitution and its' true purpose. This could cause increased distress and distrust in police. Effecting the overall performance and quality of our nations law enforcement.
Looking at states like California and New York, imagine a foreign army flooding their streets by night. It would only be then that police would realize how important a fully automatic ak47 equip t with a seventy-five round drum really is. If the citizens do not have the proper means to protect themselves from excessive government, then we will fail when that day comes. I am a firm believer in citizens militias. I am a member of my towns militia, and I understand the need for assault rifles and high capacity magazines. The same premise exist in swap teams. They use fully automatic weapons to gain the advantage on the field. If citizens are restricted that advantage initially then it could mean the fall of the country if domestic take over was imminent. It is an instrument of maintaing your freedom.
Imagine law enforcement engaging in a crime scene where a woman is dead in her home. In her state that women was only allowed five shots in her pistol. Ten armed men entered her home and because of the state restricting the amount of bullets she was unable to fight off the mob. The states reasoning behind limiting high capacity magazines would then appear quite irrelevant. Another case is the LA riots. The business owners who did have assault rifles were able to protect their business' from the lawless rampage. Incidents likes the LA riots are prime examples of why law enforcement should recognize and support the need for efficient gun ownership in the community.
Citizens want guns even more now for protection. Gun sales are at their highest rates. Therefore, if gun sales would be banned, people are still going to have them and violent crime rates will stay the same because of the law being passed. If we examine country’s' that require gun ownership, for example: Switzerland and their crime rates, you can clearly see the significance of gun ownership. When Kennesaw, Ga passed a law requiring all homes to posses a gun and ammunition the crime rates dramatically dropped. The have remained that low for sixteen years.
The government created areas that restrict the second amendment are now the prime targets for the active shootings. The overall attack on guns by our government is completely hypocritical. I believe this has an effect on the proper execution of a law enforcements job. Not all police believe this is right,and a few have stood there ground on anti-gun control policy’s. If you have a police officer who views themselves as a patriot and true...

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