Law Enforcement Essay

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PC Specification for Jamel Jiggetts

Professor Chip Kraft

In an effort to procure 5 workstations to meet certain specification, the following document is being prepared for a summary of recommendations. The PC Specifications for Education Company requires 5 workstations. The type of equipment that will be purchased will be Commercial Over The Shelf (COTS) Products to address the software needs as well as hardware specific products.
Recommended software applications entail: Microsoft Office Suite 2010 to address the need for creation of documents spreadsheets, presentations, email and database creation. This suite includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ...view middle of the document...

Communication Devices | Microphones, sound cards, audio cards | Videoconferences, web conferences, chat rooms |
Storage Devices | External hard drives, DVD/RW, CD-R/RW, Flash Drives, Cloud Storage | Share videos, photos, audio , |
Peripheral Devices | WebCameras, Digital Cameras | Video conferences, chat rooms, photo sharing |
Hardware Device | Surge Protector | Neither input, nor output device, but protects from dirty electrical power including under voltage or overvoltage |

System Unit Feature Table

Feature Category | Specific Feature | Requirements Met |
RAM | 6GB | Videoconferences |
Adapter Cards | Wireless Adapter Card | Internet connections, chat rooms, video conferences, web courses |
Ports | USB, HDMI, Media Card Reader, MiniSD, external screen port, sd mmc port | Connectivity for digital cameras, ScanDisk cards, high definition reception, zip drives, printer connections |
Storage Devices | Internal System Storage 1TB Hard Drive | Storing a large amount of data, videos, and files in one central stationary location |

Application Software Table

Application Types | Application Product...

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