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Law Day Essay

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There are many ways that we as civilians can help to promote and protect voting rights in the nation. A lot of times, voting rights have been abused by different solutions involving crime, people, and just problems within the nation. Voting rights are known as the cornerstone of America. There are a lot of different groups in the world that are trying their best to promote and protect the voting rights. One of the main social environment groups in the nation that come together to do their best to promote and protect voting rights in America is called NCJW. This group stands for the National Council of Jewish Women. These women come together as a whole to tell and express what they feel about ...view middle of the document...

People should understand that voting rights should be protected and honored. Voting rights do not just come as a gift. I believe that people having the right to vote is a privilege, but it should be honored and protected. Many Americans in the world are promoted to do and make their own choices. Americans having the ability to have voting rights is a privilege. We should have enough respect to not violate or discriminate the voting rights. They should be honored and protected Voting rights are something special to America.
The main and only basis and foundation of our democratic form of government is the right to vote. Voting is one of the most important tools Americans have to influence the policies the government adopts. For many years, our society has thought of a lot of different changes. The electorate is becoming blacker, browner, younger, and more welcoming of diverse immigrant groups or people who tend to be more liberal on a broad range of social issues, people who also rely on affirmative government. Our voting rosters is the backbone of the government. Voting rights is what controls many different things in society. One...

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