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Law Cases Essay

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A man shot and killed 12 people at the premiere of 'Batman'

Police in Colorado say a shooting at a movie theater premiere of the latest Batman film has killed at least 12 people and injured 50 more, the Associated Press reported.
The death toll was originally given as 14, but later revised down. Several people are said to be in critical condition in hospitals in and around Aurora, near Denver, where the shooting took place.
A suspect is in police custody. Officials identified him to NBC News as 24-year-old local man James Holmes.

More from GlobalPost: Eyewitness account: Batman premiere shooting in Colorado
Shots were reported around 30 minutes into a midnight showing of the newly ...view middle of the document...

The suspect also told officers he had explosives in his home, prompting the evacuation and search of his apartment building.
US President Barack Obama has issued a statement saying he is "shocked and saddened" by the "horrific and tragic" event, reported the AP. 
Warner Brothers has cancelled the movie's premiere in Paris, which was due to take place tonight with the stars and director in attendance, the Hollywood Reporter said. Meanwhile police in New York said they would increase security at theaters screening the movie, NBC New York reported.

2009 Hermosillo daycare center fire
The ABC Day Care center fire in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, took place on Friday, June 5, 2009. 29 bodies were pulled from the blaze and thirty died that day.Since then, the death toll has risen as more children have died from their injuries. In all, 44 toddlers and infants have been reported killed as a result of the blaze. Another five have not survived their injuries raising the death toll now to 49. Over 40 infants and toddlers have been hospitalised with burns, and six adults
A fire department officer, unofficially reported that the converted warehouse building had only one exit. A desperate citizen, Francisco Manuel Lopez Villaescusa drove his Silverado truck through the walls to gain entrance and knocked three holes into the building.[7] One mother claimed a second exit was locked and the key could not be found.[8]
An inspection of the daycare was conducted on May 26, and the center passed requirements. The warehouse had windows, however they were mounted too high, and did not provide an access to the daycare centre for rescue operations. The six employees and 142 children were also within the ratio of caregiver to child in the center as well.[9][10]
Over 142 children were being cared for at the time of the blaze according to Sonora Governor Eduardo Bours, "There were 142 children in the nursery, 35 have died, and another 41 are hospitalized."[11]
On Sunday, Sonora state Health Minister Raymundo López Vucovich said, "In the past few hours three more have died. Twelve of the 22 hospitalized children are in a dangerous condition."[2]
It was reported that the fire began in a tire warehouse next door and then spread to the child care centre. Further investigations revealed that the real source of the fire was on another warehouse, operated by the state government. Just a few minutes after, the fire caused the collapse of a roof section which fell over the children, infants and employees below. One of the first men on the scene reported that all children were unconscious or dead, and there were no children crying.[12]
Firefighters took two hours to contain the blaze which started at 3 pm (2200 GMT).[13]
"They told me that this happened in a matter of five minutes," said Hermosillo Mayor Ernesto Gándara.[14]
"According to what our people saw, there was an explosion followed immediately by flames,"...

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