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Launching Ice Cream Brand At Univeristy Campus In Thailand

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The target market is the teenager up to the working class people and middle upper class people. Those people whom living and working in the ABAC University, Bangna campus area.
The pricing will be like this,

Regular ice cream


1 scoop 40 baht
2 scoops 70 baht
3 scoops 100 baht

Waffle Cones

1 scoop 50 baht
2 scoops 80 baht

Yogurt ice cream

1 scoop 40 baht
2 scoops 70 baht
Waffle Cones
1 scoop 50 baht
2 scoops 80 baht
3 scoops 100 baht
**Topping for both cups and waffle cones is 12 baht per each topping**

Ice cream cake

2 pounds 550 baht
3 pounds 700 baht


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There are several reasons that we choose to start of at Bang Na campus as the first place. The first reason is that ABAC students mostly have sophisticate-minded; they can spend a large amount of money to do something that is considered fashionable in the public for example when people go to Starbucks, and they are also loyal to the brand, so if we can get into their hearts, we can expand to any other areas easier. In this area, there are not many direct competitors, compare with Siam Square or Central Chitlom; there are a few ice-cream shops opening, this is our opportunity to run our business without direct competition, the second reason. University students may have unmatched time schedule among their friends, they can stay at our shop waiting for their friends or other classes because it is hard to get out and go around somewhere and return to the university in time. According to the plan of the administration, they are planning to set up a new shopping mall in ABAC and so they want to encourage many shops to open in this mall, from this we may be able to get the lower rent, the third reason.
After the success of the first branch, we are planning to open up our later branches around the business areas of Bangkok, where our target markets are. The considered locations are Thonglor, Sukhumvit, Sathorn, Silom, Ploenchit, Chidlom and Siam area.


ABAC mall, Bang Na campus

The map of Assumption University, Bang Na campus

Assumption: Each of the owners invests 2,000,000 Baht and lending some part from the SMEs equal 5,000,000 Baht. There are 6 owners/members in our group, these makes up an investment fund equals to 17,000,000 Baht.

Step 1: Our business is homemade ice cream.
Developing Growth Strategy: We intend to provide happiness for all customers with the best quality beverage. During the beginning period, there will be a promotion for each season, and if it’s popular, it may be put it in the regular menu, including with the healthy yogurt and other beverages. At this starter point, we expect to be known ice cream shop from the word of mouth and the outside in strategy-located on ABAC mall, Bang Na campus which is not in the crowded area in the city, after we are famous enough we will expand our business into the city- (due to our most concern in healthy and fresh ingredients), plus, advertising on internet which is easier, quicker and cheaper than any other ways. Besides advertisement on the internet, posting advertisement on magazine is another option for new business like us (Magazine hits in our target market); moreover, we may put our ice cream and other beverages in a famous hotel in order to increase awareness of our brand to the customers’ eyes (luxurious image). After we reach the breakeven point, we planed to build share to invest for business expansion, both for productions and quality. We will establish our business in other areas which is our target group locations, for example, Silom, Sathorn, Ploenchit,...

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