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BA employs about 13,000 cabin crew staff and half of them planning to take industrial actions against the management due to changes of pay structure, travel concessions charges, failure to restore staff travel arrangements, disciplinary action taken against staff.
Millions will see their wages are going to be frozen or benefits cut while strike persists at an airline, half of them expecting that rises in basic salary from February 2011. Therefore existing cabin crew expect a new top-up payment to ensure receive a minimum amount in route allowances, if the salary increment has been raise them up. The company keeps having a high turnover of staff as it is using the method of Scientific ...view middle of the document...

Therefore the management has understood that the most and common reason for the cabin crew staff demotivation because of the management strict disciplinary actions and change of employee contracts against the company present employment rules and regulations of the British Airways. The British Airways staffs are often lowly motivated. As mentioned earlier the staff turnover is high due to an ever present notion that ‘I don’t belong here’ The managerial system is accused by staff as focusing excessively on economic gains especially in the argument that the more a worker gives to the company the more money he/she earns. In regard to market values of the services offered by carriers and the prevailing economic conditions, British airways has embarked on a salary review programme which considers variety of factors unlike the past criteria based on the amount of work done.
Under the management of Keith Williams the feeling of aloofness and separation that demotivates a number of British Airways cabin crew has reduced. The chief executive officer appreciates the pivotal role of the staff in operations of the carrier.while offering assurance of commitment to negotiation rather than the costly litigations. Intimidations and threats of job loss have in the recent past created an uncertainty that demotivates the staff. Following last year’s sacking of 18 crew members and disciplinary action on 70 others. To avert this trend the management has offered assurances of solving disputes before they blow out to public industrial wars. The British Airlines staff especially the cabin crew work in conditions that require constant attention; this has always slowed their productivity. The management is giving in to the pressures of industrial actions thus psychological and personal safety of the workers are slowly arousing concerns in the management. The economic implications of workers loss of motivation and subsequent industrial actions are too much for the carrier and therefore a solution to these challenges is explored by the management.
British Airways Efforts to solve motivation problems
A result of staff demotivation over conditions of work BA has embarked on aggressive strategy to reverse this situation this includes;
Fair recruitment from internal and external sources.
Diversity in age, race to promote integration
Disability programmes for its staff and customers.
work balance through flexible working hours and providing maternity leave.
Introduction of gender equality programmes
Recruitment and selection
The company focus on recruiting employees from a wide background to ensure that it reflects the diversity. This is seen in the company policy not to discriminate potential employees on the basis of colour religion, race or ethnicity. This allows the employees to work with diverse individual creating a sense of worthiness; this is reinforced by the strict company policy...

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