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Launch Of A New Book Author

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Launch of a New Children’s Book Author

Without some form of promotional advertising, intended customers would not be reached. Using sales promotion, personal relations, publicity and personal selling are communications tools that are required to market new products and bring success. Addressed will be these tools and how essential they are to launching new products.
Jamie Donaldson, a new inspiring children’s book author has launched a three book series titled, “Golden Rules for Girls”. The subtitles are; Stage Fright, Friends and Drama Queens and The New Girl, the publisher of her books are Random House Publisher. Jamie Donaldson was born and raised in Paterson, New Jersey. She ...view middle of the document...

In store displays will also be available at The Storytellers Children’s Book Store so children are able to view the material first-hand. Creating an attractive product display can draw the customers in and announce a new product. When using in store displays the focal point will be areas that are a focal point for customers.
Personal Relations
Creating a trust between the author, their point of view, and the reader is very critical. The book author for the children’s book will throw a book launch party at a local bookstore in the area to create a personal relationship with the children. The bookstore will run ads in the paper and in the newsletter. The author will email people she knows with children and send out invitations to Facebook friends. Family members and friends will be given postcard invitations to give to their friends. The theme of the party will come from the books. All the children will be given hats to wear and collage activity kits. Random House Publisher will sponsor the book giveaway. The author will speak about the creation of the book, read the story and answer questions. Prizes will be drawn for book bags and book marks and nutritious goody bags will be given to each child attending. The books will also be pre-autographed and put on a display stack, a follow up with thank you cards will be sent to all guest that were in attendance and there will be a blog about the party so all readers can connect.
Events will be scheduled so the new children’s book author and publisher will be able to support bookstores that carry the material. The author will appear at the bookstores and will also get friends, neighbors, and colleagues to show up at the book signing and buy books. This will increase foot traffic in the store and spur of the moment purchases. The publisher will schedule interviews for the author with local media prior to the event.
The author will mail and fax many radio talk shows to be interviewed as an expert guest, it is a dynamic and cost-effective vehicle for book promotion. The author will send one or two press release that will tell the recipient to call her or a friend to schedule an interview or receive a review copy, this will be passed on to the publisher who will be called to set up the interview. Free community newspapers, newsletters and magazines will also be used for publicity coverage. Oprah, Today, Good...

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