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Latin America Final Essay

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Daniel Lopez
10 December 2014
Final Essay
During the 1700s and early 1800s, Enlightenment ideas started to take place in Latin America. Many of these ideas that took place appealed to the people because it taught that every man was free and equal. These ideas were especially important to countries who were being ruled by an oversea power or to a nation where slavery existed. The Enlightenment helped inspire Latin American independence from colonial domination driven by social structure, a very important event among Latin American cultures in regards to quality of life and equality.
During this time, the Napoleon invasion of Spain helped ignite a wide spread revolt. Latin American leaders saw an opportunity to reject foreign dominance and to demand independence from colonial rule. Although Latin America was ...view middle of the document...

During his time in prison, Haiti refused to quit its revolt and soon gained Independence in 1804. Without the ideas of the Enlightenment, the independence of Haiti might not have been fueled as strongly or even achieved.
Around this time in Mexico, the independence movement was being led by the mestizos. Padre Miguel and Father Miguel Hidalgo, inspired by the ideas of the Enlightenment, called for a rebellion and moved toward Mexico City. Although very inspired by a number of events, they were defeated by the upper classes around 1811. They saw another failed attempt a few years later before Mexico was finally able to declare independence in 1821. Throughout the rest of Latin America, creoles mostly led the independence movements including most notably Simon Bolivar. Bolivar led independence movements throughout South America and temporarily united Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. However, as a result of Mexico gaining their independence, the nations of Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, and Costa Rica were able to declare their independence from Mexico. These events were all very significant as it soon started the process of building an independent country with the guarantee of equality and a better standard of living.
Enlightenment ideas in Latin America lead to a need for equal rights throughout the nation. These ideas led to many revolutions that saw many countries gain their own freedom. Without the interaction of numerous countries during this time, the common cause of gaining independence, equality and a better quality of life might not have been achieved. Not only did the Enlightenment ideas help people fight for what truly mattered, it brought upon a sense of unity within Latin America.

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