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Latin America Essay

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Latin America is more than just an exotic travel destination for Americans or any travelers from around the world for that matter. Though Latin America is filled with several breath-taking wonders of the world; including their crystal clear waters and beautiful sandy white beaches, tropical rain forests, and ancient historical landmarks. Latin America’s tranquil atmosphere should not be underestimated as the little more than underdeveloped sibling. After examining the history, politics, and economic stand point of the countries in Latin America, they have many similarities with the United States and several differences that should be taken into consideration when dealing with United States ...view middle of the document...

James Bryce a British academic, jurist, historian, and liberal Politian once said that Latin American and the United States were completely different. Bryce suggested that the only thing the two civilizations have in common is the name America. There is a striking contrast in the economic experience and standard of living between the United States and Latin America, nevertheless there is to be sure substantial difference among the Latin-American countries themselves. To be fare when comparing and contrasting the United States and Latin America the analysis must start as early as the both of their establishments. In which Latin America and the United States show their similarities. The story of the United States and Latin American begin the same way. Both Latin America and the United States were colonized by seafaring nations looking to expand their territory. Within decades from each other both the United States and Latin America gained independence from their foreign nations seeking expansion. Both are considered religious with different denominations of the Christian faith. Latin America and the United States population are both made up of the descents of their lands’ original inhabitants, followed by early colonist and African slaves, complemented later on by European and then after Asian migrants. When reviewing the history of Latin America and the United States there are periods time in which it is like Déjà vu. They both have their own stories to tell in a different order and at a pace. The United States and Latin America have developed their own culture, but have look for inspiration to one another than they do elsewhere. Americans can argue that the relationship between Latin America and the United is more one sided, with the United States having a greater influence on Latin American countries than their influence on the United States. The United States is a melting pot of various nationalities many coming from Latin American; influencing the culture in the United States. Latin American food, language, tradition, and people have been diffused across the United States. Latin America has even influenced United States politics, there have been a growing number of politicians with roots going back to countries in Latin American. Lleana Ros-Lehtinen became the first Cuban American and Latina elected into congress. Also Spanish is the second most commonly spoken language in the US. Suggesting that Latin America has a greater influence on the United Stated than many believe.

So how did Latin America end up so much different than the United States? To explain the sharpen contrast between Latin America and the United States, it is important to understand that Latin America is compose of twenty-six countries and dependent territories. They all differ economically, politically, industrially, and socially. It is safe to say Latin America as whole lacks development making seem as though the United States and Latin American are significantly...

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