Late Night With Bea Rosen Essay

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Methods I Assignment

September 29,, 2009

I. State the definition of “knowledge”:

The Social Work definition of knowledge is, “what we and others believe to be true about the world around us and is research based. Our textbook also defines knowledge as, “cognitive mental content (ideals and beliefs) concerning reality that we take to be true (perceive with certainty), based on adequate evidence, or that we decide is confirmable and has a high probability of truth”

• Give three examples of knowledge used in social work

a. Knowledge of a specific client – strengths and weaknesses
b. Knowledge of a specific ...view middle of the document...

b. Knowledge of a specific problem - what kind of help will be accepted

Bea’s is associated with Jewish Family Services (JFS), which allows her access to some of the services they provide in her community. Kathleen is associated with organization and is Bea’s caseworker. Bea and Kathleen created a rapport that was beneficial to Bea on many levels and helped her to cope after the death of her husband. Other services provided by JFS are homemaker and transportation services.

Kathleen felt that a bereavement support group might be beneficial to Bea, but Bea has chosen not to participate. Bea also chooses not to become involved with her temple and go to services. Another service that Bea originally decided not to join was the JFS seniors’ group. However, she has recently decided to allow the organizer of the group to come to her home and speak with her about joining the group.

c. Knowledge of the environment around a client – social systems and subsystems

At 76 years old, Bea is fortunate to have many social support systems and subsystems in her immediate surroundings. The death of a spouse is the most stressful life event. However, Bea has a close relationship with her son, grandsons, neighbors, community center, Kathleen and others in her immediate environment. It was helpful to Bea when Kathleen and she did the Ecomap in order to illustrate all of these systems. It also showed all the love, concern and support Bea has in her life from those around her.

2. State the definition of “skills” :

Our textbook defines skills as, “the practice component that brings knowledge and values together and converts them to action as a response to concern and need”

• Give three examples of skills used in social work

a. Cognitive skills – developing understanding about person and situation
b. Cognitive skills – planning for intervention
c. Evaluations

• Give three examples from the articles of the social worker using social work skills

a. Cognitive Skills – developing understanding about person and situation

Kathleen had the intellectual and intuitive ability to be an active listener when Bea needed to feel her grief over Barry’s death. During the evaluation process, Bea shared with Kathleen that she was, “The only person with whom she shares her feelings of acute grief.” Her Social Work skills combined the value of service and the knowledge of her specific client to give her the ability to choose this as the best intervention for this situation.

b. Cognitive skills – planning for intervention

After the death of Bea’s husband, her financial situation became somewhat precarious. In the very near future, Bea will have very few funds left after she pays rent for food, utilities and other necessities. She will have no discretionary income. Kathleen has discussed the financial situation with Bea and Bea has decided to try to get...

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