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Las Vegas Swot Essay

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Alyssa Miller
MKTG 320
SWOT Analysis

Las Vegas

The LVCVA has a strength with predicting trends and for the most part has been on top of changing their marketing techniques to suit those trends. Las Vegas is one of the most famous cities in the world and it is known for a great and crazy time. Las Vegas also has an enormous customer base.
Las Vegas’s image is weak in the fact that it only appeals to some customers. The smaller audience it attracts and that there are almost no options for any other age group besides 21-50 year olds also weakens it. ...view middle of the document...

The business also has an opportunity to try and make its large industry greener. They could find ways to save electricity and water at hotels and casinos and be sure that all public bathrooms in the city have automatic air hand dryers.
A threat in Las Vegas’s microenvironment is that since they virtually have no competitors, it could eventually become a boring trend or a place that everyone’s already been to. On the other hand, places like Dubai are becoming trendy with new modern infrastructure and many opportunities to attract a crowd similar to the crowd being lured to Las Vegas.
Las Vegas only reaches one certain demographic age. Another threat is any time the economy declines so does the Las Vegas business industry, causing thousands of people to lose jobs. Also being pretty much in the desert, water is hard to get so if that supply ever is depleted or cut off for another reason Las Vegas will no longer be a booming city with millions of visitors.
Some of the managerial suggestions I would have for the LVCVA are that they need to have a few attraction options for age groups other than 21-50 year olds. I do think they should continue to market Las Vegas in that light but inform people that they can also come here with a large range of people at different ages.

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