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Larry Clark, an American photographer and filmmaker was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma on January 19, 1943. Being the son of a photographer, Clark was exposed to photography early in life. In 1959 he received his first camera at 15 and started taking pictures for his mother’s baby photography business and began experimenting with drugs with his friends. Between 1963 and 1971, Clark recorded him and his friends’ experimentation with drugs and published Tulsa, shattering the long-held belief that drugs were only used by those in urban communities. But it also received a lot of backlash for its illicit sexual nature. For this Catalog, Clark received a grant from the National Endowment for his next ...view middle of the document...

The film was critically acclaimed and blacklisted for its harsh truth of depicting real situations that many teenagers faced daily while also criticized as child pornography and glorifying the use of drugs. Many had a lot to say about the film, and it sparked the start of many conversations in a way that Clark's film prints were unable to. It was from this bridge did Clark transition from photographer to filmmaker.
In his first publication Tulsa, Clark takes us on a journey through the eye of him and his friends the closeness of the photographs shows trust and intimacy between Clark and his friends as there are many close-ups in several of the photo, yet the actions continue to go on undisturbed as if he was not there or a fly on the wall. Some contain shots of Clark's friends having a good time, laughing in the living room of a house, yet shortly after centers the group to show that they are taking heroin shots. The first, almost giving the reflection that this could be you hanging out with your own friends, then takes the sharp turn of centering the photograph to reveal them taking heroin shots, shattering the memory. Almost alienating them as un-relatable yet still relatable due to the casualness of this photo and the mental image you've already perceived by the previous. The power the second image has to be able to change one's perception of the group of adolescents is impressive, though a later image towards the end of the catalog hits it hard for the message it tries to convey to the viewer. Somewhere in the middle of the catalog is an image of a pregnant girl sitting in a room, the light from the window adds softness to the image making it feel almost serene. But when looked closely one can see that she's injecting heroin into her arm. At the end of the catalog does the simple photo titled "The Funeral" can the audience infer that that was the result of that girl's actions. Although no information about the photo is revealed, the message is still strongly delivered, almost as a cautionary tale.
Upon looking through his second catalog, Teenage Lust a small pattern can be noticed in the photos. The young men in the photos in most instances try to appear tougher or older than they actually are. Whether by growing facial hair, or stiffening their stances, or whipping their penises out and just staring directly at the camera, they all have this look in their eyes that shows as that they want to be taken seriously and in a way it is almost laughable. By trying to be serious, the less serious they become and in a way that might be one of the reasons why so many people find his work appealing, because from the young men’s' point of view they are men, but to the viewer they still look like children, children trying to be adults. Like toddlers trying to wear their parents clothes. Shrinking in clothes too big to them with barely there peach fuzz grazing their upper lips, pubic hair and baby fat on the same body; having sex with each other because...

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