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Large Salaries Of Pro Athletes Negative Effects On Athletes And Sports

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Large Salaries of Pro Athletes Negative Effects
On Athletes and Sports

This paper will explain the effects of the luxury contracts of athletes on sports as well as the athlete. The debate is whether the effect is a negative effect or not. This paper will aim to show how the contracts of athletes have changed significantly over time. It will also show how the pro athlete affect the sport of college in different aspects and if that helps or hurt the college athletics or influences it in a way to help the athletes. Then we will focus on how the salaries affect the players themselves.

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To answer this question of does the large salaries of athletes affect the sport, we take a look at some of today’s more famous athletes. “There is a common argument in American culture that the high salaries now given to professional athletes have tarnished athletics.”(Levrey, 2013)Then the measure of the amount of a player’s salary comes into contest, in which you cannot compare the different professional sports. We cannot compare how a baseball player is paid to how a basketball or even a football player is paid. These salary increases have drawn the attention from everyone from the rabid fan as well as the youth who follow the sports of interest. The main reason for this growth in such a sport, for example the NFL, is the increased media exposure, and the extended marketing of the marquee players, such as the NBA and MLB. The contrast to belief is the highest paid athletes are not always the best players in terms of stats in such cases of the NBA. In the right market, a player can receive a luxury contract as long as the time is right for him to have a good season and the coming from a small to large market as from a city like a Toronto to s market as a LA or New York. In the instances where the fan addiction and passion for spending money is content with the ability to spend more to support its city franchise team the value of the players rise even more. This does not mean a player in a place such as Chicago or Miami and even OKC do not pay for his franchise players lofty sums to get their fans in seats. Some of these players’ salaries can be compared to those of actors, and business moguls in per year earnings. “While these contrast to wages to the lawyers and doctors which are consider the premium jobs for the working class.”(Callahan, 2007) For a true understanding, let us take a look at some of the highest paid athletes in today’s professional sports in respects to the different leagues.
“According to Forbes magazine, Tiger Woods would be the first sport athlete to eclipse the billionaire status in todays’ sports making him the highest paid athlete of all-time edging out Hall-Of –Fame and current NBA team owner Michael Jordan who is worth an estimated 850 million and climbing”. (Underwood, 2009) Let us take a look at some of the current athletes in the respective major sports and go into depth of the premium paydays in the NBA, NFL, and MLB. “The three names will focus on will be Kobe Bryant (61.9), Drew Brees (51m), and Alex Rodriquez (30.3m)”.(Badenhausen, 2013) Kobe Bryant recently signed a two-year contract with the NBA franchise LA Lakers which for the third straight year will make him the league’s highest paid salary athlete at 30 million a year for the next two years, with the next player making 7 million dollars less than him, which is the most popular league player in LeBron James. Quarterback Drew Brees with his multi-year extension deal with the Saints makes him the NFL’s high man just edging his counterpart quarterback...

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