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Language Culture Essay

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Yuchen Xiao
Comp 099
Critical Essay #1
February 8,2016

Language Culture
Min-Zhan Lu in “From Silence to Words,” describe the struggle she faced speaking english when she grew up in China, and how she learn English under China Culture Revolution. She was so upset that she can not use english at school, and she feels she cannot write without the influences of her language and culture at home. Lu believe that one’s writing will not influenced by the outside world, because the opinion must be accurately conveyed. However she let herself to omit these opinions when she writing English. She convey her dismay lose the command of the language. And how to spare “ the language of school” and “ ...view middle of the document...

Under the difference between Chinese culture and Western culture, many problem in learning english have come up, especially the controversial language Chinglish.
English as a foreign language in China has become a nationwide at all academic level, from the kindergarten to the University, even fetal education some pregnant lady will play English music to their babies. The reason for learning English is diversified, include linguistic, culture, social. This is a intricate problem.
Chinglish is a irregular language has created by Chinese who learning English in China influence by their mother tongue and culture. Chinglish, as a mixed language that is neither complete English or Chinese, it can be called unofficial English with Chinese characteristics. Although we can see that Chinglish is start accepted by standard English, but it also has an negative influence on cross-cultural combination and worse, that is it will never disappear by itself. As an communication languages and with its own characteristics, Chinglish appearances is objective and inevitable for people who are learning English in China. Although it has the character of China, it is also non-standard English. This is a universal phenomenon appear in English learning. Because English as a second language in China, which means in English words corresponds to the Chinese words. But here is a problem, sometime a Chinese word corresponds to various English words. Student usually translate from Chinese to English by word to word. For example, “ Tastes differ”, every person has his own individual preferences, by in Chinese it will translate to “ some prefer radish but others prefer cabbage”, because Chinese has a idiom called “萝卜白菜,各有所爱” which means “Tastes differ”.
Chinese thinking also different than English thinking. Chinese thinking is following to the time and logic sequence. People always from first to last by time sequence when they remember things, and in the logic sequence from cause to result. But English is the opposite. For example, Chinese student will write a sentence following the time sequence : “ I wanted to go traveling abroad at Christmas; however, I had to cancel it makes me disappointed”. But English people will write it like: “ It was disappointment that I had to cancel traveling abroad at Christmas.”
For Westerners, sometimes they think Chinglish is mysterious, funny and cute, but more often confusing, embarrassing and annoying. For example, some Chinese will translate “vegetative patient’ to “vegetable patient”, or translate “brittle bone disease” to “glass doll”. Accordingly Westerners think Chinese people are insensitive to the suffering of patients, but the Chinese word itself does not mean that the speaker has no disrespect.
In fact, English and Chinese often borrow vocabulary influence to each other; some Chinglish have been accepted by standard English, such as “running dog”, “ long time no see”, “no can do” and “paper tiger”. Like “long time no see”,...

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