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Language And Gender Essay

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June 2011 – language and gender past paper essay question

In Text C, each participant has their own opinion/thought and uses methods in order to convey these ideas. The gender of each participant may also affect how successful they are able to be in doing this and also it could affect the way in which the conversation flows and possibly even change the language of each speaker when they interact in the conversation.
Anna uses quite an aggressive style of language in order to convey her thoughts and ideas in that she interrupts Irene just as she was about to go on and explain something with the use of the conjunction “but” and this makes it clear that she intended to go on. Anna ...view middle of the document...

There is only really one para linguistic feature used in this text but it does occur more than once. This feature is used when the participants are expressing their support for a point that has been made, and it is the “nods of agreement” that do this. For example, when Irene says that you would be “more likely to get promoted if you were married” there are “nods of agreement” from the other participants which tell us that they are in agreement with what is being said thus their opinions are being put across without them actually having to speak. Tone is also used to put across any thoughts in this text as shown by George when he says “and even if you stay you’re gonna have babies” in the same tone as Anna when she says, “you can’t trust women.” This means that George was carrying on the theme/opinion of what Anna was saying due to the continuation of that specific tone that Anna used thus suggesting that he was agreeing with her ad therefore gets his idea across in this way.
Table 1 provides us with some good data about how gender might shape speakers’ interaction in language through attempts at topic initiation. Interestingly, while there were more female total attempted topic initiations (47) than male ones (29), the success rate tells a drastically different story with all but one of the male attempts being successful (28) while only 17 female attempts were successful with 28 being unsuccessful. This clearly suggests that men have more authority over the shape of the conversation and the participation of the different speakers than women seeing as men had a 99% success rate when attempting to change the conversation, compared to fewer than 40% for women. This data and the conclusions we can draw from it are supported by the...

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