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Language Analysis Essay

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Language Analysis Essay
Not all workers are equal

The editorial, ‘Not all workers are equal’ featured in the Age on 15 August 2012 focuses on the issue that workers in Pakistan work in conditions that are not safe and can lead to extreme dangers . The editorial is accompanied by a photo that focuses on two sad women who appear to be in mourning, this evidently support the writing piece displayed after the death of all the people in Pakistan due to the poor work conditions. The writer contends that Australians should care about this problem and acknowledge that what is happening over in Pakistan would be illegal over here. The writer uses a sad and authoritative tone to enhance the emotions that are intended to get across to the audience, this is revealed a lot throughout the text from words such as “appalling” and ...view middle of the document...

‘Of the estimated 500 people said to be in the three-storey concrete building at the time, at least 264 died.’ This fact provides the reader with something to believe and make them open their eyes to what actually happens beyond Australia.
To plant a different aspect of thoughts into the mind of the reader a rhetorical question was asked. “Why should Australians be interested in this particular tragedy, to in the shoe factory fire that killed two dozen more on the same day at Lahore in eastern Pakistan?” This question is not expected to be answered but opens up the readers mind to question how much they actually know, and that they should be not just focusing on first world issues but being aware of the tragedies going on around, in particularly Pakistan. Throughout the whole piece the writer has made the reader feel connected to the text, this is through inclusive language. It makes the reader relate to what they should be feeling towards the end of the article and make sure they are on board with the contention; this includes language such as “our clothing” “jeans we wear”
This editorial is accompanied by a painting which displays two women who looks to be in mourning and hurt. They are in a crowd of many people and holding up a sign of a man, this looks as if they are grieving his death. The picture shows to the readers an insight into how much these dangerous working conditions can ruin people’s lives and everyone close to them making the audience more likely to agree with the writers contention.
In conclusion, to convince the audience to feel guilty and sympathetic, the writer has frequently been using different types of persuasive techniques such as; facts and figures, inclusive language, rhetorical questions, appeals and comparisons. All of these techniques the writer has used well, they all work together to convince the reader of their contention by appealing to the readers logics and emotions.

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