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Language Analysis And Meaning

1389 words - 6 pages

Assignment 2 for XXXXXX Training Course
November 3 – 28, 2008
Phuket, Thailand
A. Analysing a language item
B. Conveying and checking the meaning of
C. Conveying and checking the meaning
and form of structures

Presented to: XXXXXXX
By: Shelia A. Peace
Date: November 17, 2008

Written Assignment 2
Part A
Analysing a language item.
Focusing on the function of advice wit a low-intermediate class, I am
explaining two types / examples of giving advice:
1. Why don’t you . . . (talk to her about it), and
2. If I were you, I’d . . . (do something about it now).
In the first question, “Why don’t you talk to her about it?”
we use the bare infinitive (Parrot, 2000) ...view middle of the document...


pattern would be used as a solution for anticipated problems for this CELTA
learners’ group: wavy lines and humming exercises mimicking the intonation
____talk to her about it?____
~~~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^^^^^^

The second sentence: If I were you, I’d . . . (do something about it) is a
conditional sentences with: a main (“conditional”) clause, containing a verb in
a form with will or would, and a subordinate clause, introduced by if. (Parrot,
p. 231).
This is a hypothetical conditional sentence (Harmer, p. 46). The
conjunction if is used to preface a condition [If I were you (condition) I’d do
something about it.] contains the modal auxiliary would, making it hypothetical
(unlikely / impossible) rather than real (possible / likely) (Harmer).
If I were you is a Type 2 conditional sentence (Parrot, p. 234)
idiomatically expressing advice. Its form is:
If I were you + subject + would . . .
Phonemic pronunciation is:

Stress pattern: If I were you, I’d do something about it now. There’s a
pause after you. Anticipated problems with this learners’ group would be the
pause after you and intonation / inflection. Again, a wavy pattern should
If I were you I’d do something about it now.
Dialogue examples:
Dialogue 1

A: What’s the problem here?
B: I can’t get my neighbor to sort his trash.
A: What?
B: New regulations require food to be separated from paper. He won’t
comply, and there are flies in the trash bin area.
A: That’s bad. Why don’t you talk to him about it?
B: That’s a good idea. I’ll do that tomorrow.
Dialogue 2
C: This has to stop!
D: What are you talking about?
C: I’ve gained 5 pounds this week. I’m eating too much!
D: That’s really bad. If I were you, I’d do something about it now. You
don’t want to get fat.
C: You’re right. I’ll start a diet today.

Part B
Conveying and checking the meaning of vocabulary.
A. embarrassed vs ashamed
When it was time to pay the bill, I gave 20 baht, instead of 200 baht. I
mixed up the notes! I was embarrassed.
When I saw the beggar, I was too lazy to reach inside my pocket to
give money. Now, I am ashamed.
Both embarrassed and ashamed are states of being resulting from
something one:
 Couldn’t do better (embarrassed), or
 Wouldn’t do better (ashamed). Something you can do, but
forget, or mistakenly don’t do. / Something you should do, but do
Concept Check Questions: I was embarrassed.
1. Did I make a mistake? (Yes)
2. Was I happy about it? (No)
3. Was I comfortable with the mistake? (No)
4. I should have paid attention.
Concept Check Questions: Now, I am ashamed.
1. Did I give money? (No)
2. Could I give money? (Yes)
3. Was it good not to give money? (No)
4. Should I give money? (Yes)
When one is, embarrassed no one is hurt. When one is ashamed
someone may have been / is hurt.
B. stranger vs foreigner
1. Write the words: stranger...

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