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Language Analysis Essay – Buying Class is a Bit Rich

There has recently been much debate in the community regarding foreign students buying their ways into school, in Susie O’Brien’s opinion piece “Buying class is a bit rich”, published on the 30th of August 2011, she contends that although cultural diversity within schools is important, Australian children students must be put before foreigners when it comes to education in Australia. O’Brien uses a reasoned tone to present a factual, but somewhat critical and biased argument, targeting principals of important concerned with foreign encroachment. Utilizing a wide variety of persuasive language techniques, the writer manages to ...view middle of the document...

In doing so, O'brien positions readers to feel antagonistic towards wealthy foreigners, thereby persuading them to join her cause.
By appealing to the reader’s common sense through the work of rhetorical questions such as “”then shouldn’t they come first?”, the writer’s arguments are shown to be correct due to the self-evident answer of the question, and the reader is forced to supply the answer and see things from the writer’s perspective. The writer offers statistics from the Victorian Education Department, and backs up her arguments through the use of evidence from the studies of the University of Melbourne in 2010, to show that “there should be a limit to how many schools take in, and closer scrutiny, this makes readers think that the argument has been researched thoroughly and that O'brien isn't just jumping to convlusions ”. O’Brien also bases her article on reason and logic, in order to make the reader feel as though they would be silly not to agree with her point of view as being radical. “if there’s room for overseas students at our most desirable state schools, then there’s room for more locals”. Thus, pressuring them to champion her viewpoint.
The writer launches a satirical attack on principals, labelling them as selfish and irresponsible and claiming that principals are barring Aussie kids from the opportunity to receive a good education from a major state school for the sake of receiving “a massive financial windfall of more than $30 million from overseas student’s fees”. This use of persuasive language encourages the reader to hold the same negative view on principals, making it easier to convince them of her point of view that some schools are unethically “treating international students as an alternative income stream”, and neglecting the educational needs of local Australian children. Accordingly, O'brien tries to portray principals as not working with Australia’s interests.

With the effective use of numerous persuasive language techniques, O’Brien manages to successfully convey her arguments and convince the reader of her point of view. By appealing to the loyalty of Australians and including the reader as part of this issue, while backing up her arguments...

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