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Language An Culture Essay

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Yeni Gonzalez
English 102

A Real Tradition or Not

A quincianera is a celebration that started in Spain in the eighteenth-century and has been a tradition ever since. However the way they practiced that tradition back then is very different than how it is practiced now. Many people agree that the rite of this celebration has changed dramatically over the time. It has gone from being a tradition to “just a party”. (Vida 52) In the story, “Bikinis and Tiaras: Quincianeras,” Vendela Vida explains how the tradition of quincianeras has changed by interviewing old and young ladies and noticing how their thoughts of a quincianera are sadly totally different. I ...view middle of the document...

One of the girls explains how for her quince is not a big deal as it is for her mother. “I wasn’t even born yet and my mother was already saying ‘I can’t wait for her to have her fifteens.’” (Vida 52) This shows how, “Their mothers are the ones with the memories or and the ones and the stories of their quinces or the regret at not having one, and they are the ones with the dreams of their daughters’ celebrations, and their daughters are born into these dreams.” (Vida 52) This means that since the mothers weren’t able to have a quince because maybe they couldn’t afford one, then they want their daughters to have the greatest party yet. In a way I think this is a good thing because they want the best for their daughters but in the other hand they are just so exited about making such a big party for them that they forget the real meaning of a quince.

Besides not being a tradition anymore, a quincinera now a day is a very costly

party. People spend thousands and thousands of dollars just to show off and say, “Look at how pretty my daughter is. Look at how much money I have.” (Vida 53) For most of the people this is the way of showing their friends and relatives that they have made it in this world. These girls don’t care about going to church and thanking God about their beautiful lives anymore although they still do it because “it’s a tradition.” Just last week I went to a mass of a quince where there were only about ten people. However in the reception they didn’t fit because there were over 300 people. The quincienera made her entrance in her beautiful spontaneous dress which I was told it was...

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