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Language Abilities And Its Impact On Language Development

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How Language Abilities and Deficiencies Impact Language Development 1

Claytonia L. Butler
Grand Canyon University ECH- 515
October 9, 2013

How Language Abilities and Deficiencies Impact Language Development 2

While searching for information on the topic, I found that language abilities and deficiencies
does have a major impact in literacy development. Especially in children from birth to third
grade when their language skills are developing. Language abilities and deficiencies should be
observed when a child is between Birth to 3rd Grade. Children with poor listening and speaking
skills ...view middle of the document...

Understanding what is being
told to them (receptive language disorder). In the receptive language skills, problems most likely
happens before age 4. Some children with language disorders can produce sounds, and the
speech can be understood. Children with communication disorders do not perform on grade

How Language Abilities and Deficiencies Impact Language Development 3

level. They might struggle with reading, have difficulty understanding and expressing language
and can show poor judgment. Difficulty in learning to listen, speak, read, write, think and learn
can result from problems in language development. Problems can occur in the overall
comprehension, and awareness of language sounds, syllables, words, sentences, and
conversation. Some children who are diagnosed with receptive language disorder have problems
picking up words like other children. They are often called “late talkers”.
The word ability is defined as: the power or skill to do something: competence in doing. A
child’s language ability can challenge their ability to process phonetics, decode words,
comprehend reading and writing, (McCartney, Ellis and Boyle, 2006). Language abilities is
important for regulating attention and behavior. It may have evidence for understanding
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and conduct disorders.
Often language skills plays an important role in a child’s academic development. Young
children should be able to rhyme, to understand that letters stand for specific sounds, and to
detect individual speech sounds, called phonemes in words. They can then recognize and
manipulate speech sounds. This skill, which is the foundation of learning to read, has been
labeled ‘phonological awareness’ or ‘phonological decoding.’ In children age 0-3, their
language acquisition is beginning to develop. A newborn to 3months communicates by crying,
cooing and babbling. A 1 to 2 year old seem to understand what is being said. Their vocabulary
is at about 50 words. By late two’s, the child will begin using two word sentences. By the time
the preschooler reaches the age of 3 to 4, they should be talking in simple sentences. The child
may tend to stutter and stumble with words. Also, the child’s vocabulary is at 1200 words. Four
to five year olds are starting to understand and use language at higher level. They are able to
communicate with others outside the home. They are learning colors and household items. As
the child turns 5, he or she develops a large vocabulary consisting of about 2000 to 5000 words.
A 5-year-old's sentence structure is more complex than a 4-year-old's, with longer sentences and
fewer grammatical errors. A very important part of school readiness is being able to
How Language Abilities and Deficiencies Impact Language Development 4

understand and communicate with others. Young children...

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