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Language Essay

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Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said "The limits of my language are the limits of my world." What are the limits of language and our world? The limits of our language are our knowledge, skills and abilities to use them, and our world - this is our vision, we know how to get along with others.
Through language we share information about the world around us. If you do not ...view middle of the document...

Then I will give only partial information, such as allowing our knowledge. Others around us will take the part for the whole and complete, and will conclude that they have betrayed everything we want and that the limits of our world.
Boundaries of our world are not only our knowledge of a language, but for different languages. On our planet there are very different to each other languages ​​and cultures. As we meet someone with whom we have a common language, then we can not understand it, nor did he understand us.
But you are blind and deaf people, some of whom can not learn spoken language, does this mean that they will never be able to know the world and to convey their opinions? The answer is no, because languages ​​are spoken only: braille letters enable the blind to explore the world, a zhestomimikata helps the deaf to communicate with others.
Despite what factors determine the limits of our language, they limit our world from the perspective of others - for them that our world is part of the feeling that we can give them, large or small.

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