Land Of The Lost Essay

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”Land of the lost ”
Stewart O’Nan

In this essay, I am going to analyse Stewart O’Nans short story ”Land of the lost”. The story is about a lonely woman, whose marriage had long since broken up and her 2 sons have moved out of the house. She has no purpose in life anymore. Therefore she keeps up with a murder case in Kingsville. The murder case is about a young girl who is killed. The lonely woman wants to find the girl. So she follows the case. Firstly through tv and newspapers, but when she finds out that the body is in Kingsville, she goes out to find it there. She uses all her time on this case, and the people around her thinks she has gone crazy. One bright afternoon outside Fairport Harbor, behind a Ryder truck center she finds the buried girl.

The story is in 3rd person narrator. This gives a developing character and a better description of the lonely woman. It ...view middle of the document...

The writer chose a nameless character to show the human moral changes when humans set up goals.

The lonely lady works as a cashier, at a supermarket called Bl-LO in Perry. Her only companion is her dog, Ollie. She has two sons, but they moved out. She begins to follow the murder case about a girl who is killed and buried in Kingsville. She gets intoxicated with the thought of everyone thinking that she is a hero if she finds the dead body. I think that because she is alone and her life is empty. That makes me think that she is searching for fulfilment in her life. Her surroundings claim that she's gone crazy: ”discussing it with her co-workers and customers, so much that her manager had to ask her to stop." This tells the reader that she's quite obsessed with investigation. The fact that her manager, had to ask her to stop, shows that maybe she is going to far. She claims that she just wants to help, but in reality, she just wants to find the body and prove everybody wrong.

The fact that the story's title is the ”land of the lost” and the story is about a lonely woman tells us that this is about loneliness; Nevertheless I also think that there is another crucial factor that comes into play, and that is the location. I believe we are in America in this story. The title of the story could be a synonym for America. Maybe America is the land of the lost because they don't look for the girl.

In the end of the story, she reaches her goal. She finally founds what she had been looking for, for approximately 2 years. ”As long as she had waited for this moment, she did not want to see what was inside.” She finally did it, but at first she is afraid to complete her mission completely. ”She knelt beside the hole, digging it free with her bare hands. This time she would make sure. Then everyone would know she was not crazy.” She motivates herself with the thought of proving everybody wrong. She wants to succeed and be beneficial. The fact that she reached her goal and that she hung on to her ”dream” of finding the murdered girl, gives her life meaning and fulfilment.

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