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Land And Sea Explorers Of Australia (Comparison

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For many thousands of years, men had always wondered about the existence of Terra Australis Incognita, ‘the southern unknown land’. In the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, great men like Ptolemy and Aristotle had described the possible of a southern continent while in the fourteenth century Marco Polo, a great explorer recorded about a great and rich unknown southern land now known as Australia in his journal. Since then expedition had been set out by Sea Explorer to the southern regions of the world. After the colonization of Australia, in the early 19th century, expedition was made to discover the mysteries in the interior of Australia. On the surface, both of the sea and land explorer ...view middle of the document...

Meanwhile, sea explorer were also sent by the government to bring glory and fame to the country in the navigational field and the spread of Christianity, which is totally different from land explorer who was sent to find fertile land for agricultural purposes and the best route for line of communication. Not only sea expeditions but also land expeditions were encouraged by different organization. The Royal society in London hired James Cook to travel to the Pacific Ocean to record the transit of Venus in Tahiti. On the contrary, the Royal society of Victoria attracted men to discover something new in the unexplored Australia like Charles Sturt, “Father of Inland Exploration”, was determined to solve the mystery of the inland sea. The personal reasons why both land and sea explorers embarked in these dangerous expeditions despite the hardships was because of the glory of achieving something seemingly impossible at the same time, because of the sense of thrilled adventuring in unknown land. In short, early explorers’ intentions to explore around and within Australia were to the benefits the country, organization and oneself.
Early maritime explorer faced many problems throughout their journey in the sea likewise land explorer also had to endure difficulties that were unpredictable like can of worms. Sea explorers had to deal with harsh wet weather like hails, storms, rough wind and sea that could leads to shipwreck. Similarly, land explorer also encountered rough wet weather such as flood and cold nights like Edmund Kennedy’s expedition to explore the east coast of Cape York Peninsula to its most northern point but land explorer also had to face hot summer heat during the day in the outback which is different from the Sea Explorer. Neither sea nor land explorers were spared from the encountering inhospitable and dangerous landscapes. Reefs like the Great Barrier Reefs and Houtman Abrolhos Islands reefs – Abrolhos meaning “open your eyes”-, shallow shoal, treacherous coastlines like Western Australia had cause many tragedies of navigating ships. On the other hand, land explorers had to battle with rough and rugged Australian terrain like swamps, scrubs, deserst and mountains. The Blue Mountains had always been seen as an impassable passage before Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth successful attempt to cross these steep mountains. Sea explorers just like Land explorer faced water and food shortage . Nevertheless in comparison, sea explorers’ situation isn’t as bad as land explorer’s situation because their ships could stored food and water supplies for a long time even though the foods was unappetizing and the water turned brackish after a long period of time. Sea Explorers as well as land explorers were attacked by Aborigines during their expeditions furthermore, many land explorers and...

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