Lamb To The Slaughter Essay

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Mary Maloney Victim or Villain

In this story I believe that Mary Maloney is a Villain. For two huge reasons, first of all she committed a murder and she covered it up afterward Also she had certain moment in the story that left the reader really pondering their stand point on if Mary was victim or villain. The argument can be made that she is the victim because she loved him and it was a passion crime. However that is not the out look I have on this story.

I believe that some people with very well make the argument that Mary was a victim in this story. The points they would use would probably be that she was a good wife. She spent almost all her night waiting for her husband to arrive home for a long days work. She cleaned and fixed drinks and food for him immediately after he entered their home. And to top it all off she was sixth months pregnant. After she was ...view middle of the document...

In my mind she would be a villain for many reason that the story suggests she is in fact a villain. A big point would be that even though she had suffered a hard blow by hearing she was being left for someone else she still proceeded to kill her husband. I mean if you love someone so much how could you possibly kill them. After the murder Mary did not drop to her knees in tears or start panicking at what she had done, no she had simply remained calm and started to think of what to do. Also she had a possible motive in that her husband was leaving her for some one else.

Also to support my thesis that Mary is a villain after the deed had been done and her husband was dead she covered it up. When the detectives arrived she told her story but left out one crucial part that she was the one who killed her husband. The story she told the detectives was truthful but she lied and said she went out before he was dead. She created an alibi for herself by going to the grocer, to whom she practiced her speech o that it would come out suspiciously. Mary recited lines into the mirror before she left to sound cheerful and confident for the grocer Sam. Also on the way home she hummed cheerfully as she entered her home but no one was around to watch her be happy. When the murder weapon was cooked she begged the detectives to eat it as she was to “sad” to eat a bit. They ate it and in the other room Mary Malone began to giggle. I think that line pretty much sums up how I feel about Mary and how the author wanted to portray her.

In conclusion I believe Mary was a villain not only to the detectives but to herself too. The two reasons why I believe this would be the fact that she killed her husband and then covered it up. I realize that other people my want to make the argument that she killed him out of love or something silly like that. I can understand there stand point but the list for why she is a villain towers over the list for why she is a victim. Mary Malone is a villain.

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