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Lala Essay

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1. Classical conditioning is simply defined in our book as the learning that occurs when a stimulus eliciting a response is paired with another stimulus that initially does not elicit a response on its own but will cause a similar response over time because of its association with the first stimulus. In this example, the avatar resembling Albert Einstein would be the second stimulus that initially would not stimulate a response on its own. Every time this consumer now thinks of Alberrt ...view middle of the document...

Eventually, consumers begin to associate with people who reward them and choose products that make them feel good about themselves or satisfy some need. If the consumer from the example purchases a new outfit for his avatar in the virtual world, they will become subjected to instrumental conditioning only after the new outfit is purchased. The learned behavior depends on the reinforcement the consumer receives after their virtual purchase. If this consumers avatar gets compliments after wearing the outfit, they’re more likely to make a similar purchase because the desired effect was reached. This phenomenon is also known as positive reinforcement, one of the ways in which instrumental conditioning can occur.

3. I definitely believe that consumers build associative networks from their avatar’s experiences. An associative network is basically a place where new incoming information is stored with similar past information. Every consumer has this organized system of concepts that relate to brands and manufacturers stored in our memories. The contents of our associative networks depend on our own unique experiences; therefore I do not...

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