Laguna Pit Bulls Volunteer Program Essay

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Save the Laguna Pit Bulls 2013



Goal: To keep the dogs in our care emotionally happy and physically attractive as a means of increasing their chances at adoption and enhancing their lives. Description: Volunteer will assist with cleaning, brushing, talking and socializing with the dogs. Volunteer may interact with dogs while they are in their cages or take them into our visitation area for some “Ate/Kuya Bonding Time”. Qualifications: Volunteer must relate well to dogs and be comfortable handling them. Volunteer must talk to dogs in a soothing tone and understand their body language.

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Qualifications: Volunteer must be at least 18 years of age and have the approval of the Volunteer Coordinator. Volunteer must be knowledgeable about responsible pet care and show proficiency in the adoption process, which includes screening, interviewing and placement of animals into adoptive homes.


Goal: To ensure the dogs in our care have their physical needs met.

Description: Volunteer will take the dogs out for exercise and play time, utilizing the grounds of LPB center.
Qualifications: Volunteer must be at least 16 years of age. Volunteer must be physically fit to walk the dogs and have prior experience in dog walking.

Save the Laguna Pit Bulls 2013


Goal: To help dog guardians/potential adopters communicate and develop a bond with their dogs with the goal of keeping the dog in its home and reducing the number of dogs that would develop behavioural issues. Description: Volunteer will assist the Dog Behaviour Counselors/Trainers with dog training classes at the LPB center or at offsite locations. Volunteer will interact with class attendees and their dogs while demonstrating, explaining and emphasizing the goals of the class. Qualifications: Volunteer must communicate effectively with the Dog Behaviour Counselor/Trainers and relate well to dogs. Volunteer must be well read about dog-training literature and watch recommended videos.

Save the Laguna Pit Bulls 2013


Goal: To make pets more comfortable and attractive as a means of increasing their chance at adoption and enhancing their lives. Description: Volunteer will bathe and groom the dogs. All necessary supplies are available at the LPB center. Qualifications: Volunteer must have previous experience in grooming. In either case, volunteer must show proficiency in bathing and/or grooming.

Save the Laguna Pit Bulls 2013


Goal: To educate the public about Animal Welfare issues and responsible pet ownership while promoting the human-animal bond and the pit bull breed. Description: Volunteer will give presentations at locations in the community/events and/or presentations with tours at the LPB Center. Volunteer may occasionally take a preapproved animal to presentations/events as approved by the LPB Core. Qualifications: Volunteer must believe in the...

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